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Report Date: July 20, 2023

July 2023 Update from Selwyn Sexton, Sowers Central and East Africa

Dear family and friends,
It is a joy and pleasure once again to share with you what is happening with the work on the field. We are all struggling with the increase in the cost of living but not more so than those living in the countries we minister in. I am told that the basics, like mealie meal, have almost become unaffordable in some places. Malawi, for instance, could not organise Seminars because the churches could not provide food for the participants. This is also true in other countries. Also, the Home Boards are struggling to meet their three-monthly budgets to supply the Sowers with their living and ministry costs. Please pray about these needs as the progress of the ministry is being seriously affected.

Recent Events

lives transformedNew Churches

In spite of these and other problems there has been at least 54 new churches planted within the last 13 months and many lives have been transformed through the gospel, which is indeed `the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes`. Romans 1:16 The stories below, of people whose lives have been changed by the gospel, can be multiplied many times over.


Amos: “In Ntcheu, Malawi, two churches have been planted through Sowers ministry and Victory Baptist church is growing due to Sowers open airs and door to door evangelism. The program of the Bible Society, which we are partnering with, is distributing Bibles to needy members of different churches and is aiding Sowers to be introduced to many churches. Churches are now wanting the Sowers training and we are receiving invitations for training, especially in Ntcheu”.


encouraging tripEmmanuel: “My recent visit to Tanzania was successful. There is a need to continue going there to support and train the Interim Committee to understand how SOWERS operates and to encourage them. There is also a need to encourage Level 3's and conduct another Level 3 seminar in September. They also need support to raise funds to register SOWERS in Tanzania and to buy a motorbike for the coordinator.

I had an opportunity to have fellowship with a new church in one of the villages near Musoma”.


On January 8th the Lusaka team conducted an open-air meeting at a place called 15 Miles, outside Lusaka. The meeting drew nearly 100 listeners, 23 people responded to the invitation to pray to receive Christ and 41 of those in the crowd were counselled. Seven people were baptized, and a new church has been planted.


Personal Stories

Stephen: “The headman was so stubborn. He did not want to talk about the word of the Lord. One day after the seminar at the church, which was nearby in the next village, he went into his village where the open-air meeting was being held. He heard the preaching from afar and when the invitation came for people to respond, he came forth and received Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. He is a changed person”.

Benedict: “Astrida, a 40-year-old woman, was involved in drinking beer and every time she drank, she would go and look for men to sleep with. This was her habit that led her to live a terrible life that was not pleasing to God or her parents.

The Sowers` team came to her village to do an open-air meeting and preached the gospel. That day she found Jesus and now she is a changed woman, she lives for God, and she has started going to church. Praise God for her life”.

Machesso: “We visited a new church in the village of Macuva. It was a great satisfaction to hear a man called Benjamin declare that before he was a traditional healer who spent a lot of time stealing money from people and lying that he could heal. But when he heard the Word of God he repented and received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

At a meeting held in the village of Mvaliha, a man named John Muika, who was committing adultery and spent a lot of money for women, heard the Word of God preached, repented and received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. He has become a member of the Baptist Union church”.


Prayer and Praise Points

good health1) My daily walk with the Lord and for wisdom and guidance
2) Growth of new churches
3) Donations for the work to increase
4) Godfrey and Emmanuel in their role as Regional Advisors
5) Senior Sowers and their families:
Zambia: Stephen, Titus, Puta, Benedict, David, Mpundu.
Malawi: Godfrey, Amos, Mateyo, Patrick, Oswald
Zimbabwe: Edmond, Mussa, Delight, Tsitsi
Mozambique: Machesso, Ibrahim,
Uganda: Deo, Richard, Mary, Fred, Ronald, Paul
Kenya: Emmanuel, Tobias
6) Safety and protection of the Sowers and their possessions.
7) Funding for income-generating projects.
8) Wisdom for Emmanuel and Deo as they continue developing the work in Tanzania and Rwanda
9) Funds for Bibles, bicycles, printing, sketch board kits and sleeping bags