About Us: Our Strategy

Bright Hope World is a relational, faith-based organisation. We are driven by our vision, with the bounds of our mission and values. We do not however set concrete long-term goals nor detailed operational strategies.

This may seem unusual, particularly given the number of businesspeople and entrepreneurs within our team, but it is an approach that has developed over the better part of three decades. Rather than determining in detail how much money we seek to raise, where our next partners should come from or where our donors will be, we have instead learned to be attuned to where God is leading us.

This does not mean we are careless, or lack a professional approach to what we do. In fact, we maintain very detailed and insightful systems for monitoring every part of our operation. We measure everything that can possibly be measured, and analyse a raft of trends and exceptions in this process. Likewise, our operational decision-making is robust and supported by good analysis.

It just means that, because we are primarily relational and focused on going where God leads, we hold our plans with open hands. We move in the directions we feel are right, and aim to be responsive and nimble.

We do not seek to raise tens of millions of dollars and grow rapidly, nor do we believe our model is infinitely scalable. Our emphasis on relationships means that we need to constrain growth to ensure this core aspect of our mission does not become compromised.

Our strategic focus is, instead, oriented towards of value of sustainability. Because we believe what we and our partners are doing is important, we want to ensure we can continue doing it as long as we are needed.

Our strategy

To ensure we can do so, we have divided Bright Hope World into four key areas, and have developed key strategies in each area to ensure we are able to assist the poorest of the poor for many years to come:

As we work on our strategic plan – which is a constantly moving and updated tool – we keep a close eye on the areas where we are strong, and where we have a degree of vulnerability or challenge.

We consider we are particularly strong in the following areas:

Despite these areas of growth and strength, we consider the following areas as our key vulnerabilities and will focus strategic efforts in these areas over the next five years:

Overall, the view of the Bright Hope World team is one of confidence. We have continued to seek God as we develop and resource partnerships and have been blessed to see the success of our partners in the field. As we have sought to refine our strategic focus, and align with where God is working, a number of ‘field trends’ have developed:

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Our vision of seeing the poorest of the poor become spiritually and physically self-sustaining.

Our mission is to develop and resource partnerships with indigenous people who have a vision to transform their communities.

Our values are:

- We focus on the poorest of the poor

- We invest in strategic partnerships

- We are field-driven

- We emphasise sustainability

- We are committed to a low overhead structure

At least 90% (and often 100%) of the funds we receive go to our partners in the field.