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Report Date: February 27, 2020

February Newsletter 

New Year greetings to you all. We give God praise for His love, faithfulness, protection and provision for us all in the year just passed and look forward to what He has for us in 2020.

Thank you all for your continuing prayers and support. We are deeply grateful.

News From the Fields

great resultsIn spite of the difficulties and challenges many churches have been trained in the SOWERS program and their teams have gone into their communities to win souls. Below are some statistics that show the result of their faithful ministry.

From August 2018 to July 2019 633 teams from Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda and Kenya (see photo on right) have conducted 3,893 open air meetings where 83,432 heard the Gospel and 30,435 people were counselled, 19,096 were followed up, 10,321 joined churches and 74 churches were planted. 


great resultsA 40 year old woman had spent her life in brewing beer, being insulting and prostitution. She did not want any advice from anyone. As she was passing by the market she found where the team was having an open air meeting because of the crowd. When she came closer she heard someone preaching the Word of God. At the invitation she went forward and then she was counselled, giving her life to the Lord Jesus. Esther is a changed person and she is now living the life of a Christian. 

After the open-air preaching shown in the photo, 15 people where saved and the church branch was opened in Kansuswa, Zambia.


Pastor Jairosse said that by means of the open air meetings he and his team are being used in the ministry of evangelism. In the short time since they were trained at Level 1 and 2 his church has seen many people coming to Christ and the church is growing and members are encouraged.


When we had an open air meeting at Chimaliro football ground it was Christmas Day and there was an overwhelming attendance that came to watch the football match. We started our program before the match started. After the message one of the well known thieves in the area was counselled and gave his life to the Lord.


difficult times


As you may be aware, Christine became very unwell in September 2019 whilst we were finishing our time in Africa. Because of her condition she was medi-vaced from Lusaka to Jo’burg then after some weeks she was medi-vaced home (Australia). Christine is recovering in Bowral Private Hospital from the effects of viral encephalitis. Thanks be to God for answering the prayers of so many around the world for we have seen an amazing recovery but there is still a long way to go so please continue to pray for her rehab and complete healing in His time.


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Our daily walk with the Lord
2) Christine’s full recovery from her illness
3) Strength, wisdom and endurance for Selwyn
4) Senior Sowers and their families:
Zambia: John, Stephen, Titus, Wallace, Puta, Benedict, Mpundu.
Malawi: Godfrey, Blackson, Amos, Mateyo, Patrick, Oswald
Zimbabwe: Edmond, Mussa, Deilight
Mozambique: Macheso, Ibrahim,
Uganda: Deo, Richard, Mary, Fred, Ronald
Kenya: Emmanuel, Tobias
5) Funding for income-generating projects
6) Those working on new translations
7) Registration of SOWERS in Kenya
8) Wisdom for Emmanuel and Deo as they continue the development of the work in Tanzania and Rwanda
9) Funds for Bibles, bicycles, printing, sketchboard kits and sleeping bags


Thank you so much for your concern and prayers. Please keep praying.

With our love and grateful thanks

Selwyn and Christine
Working with Sowers International in Central Africa