Bright Hope World Podcast - "It Ain't That Simple Mate!"

The Bright Hope World podcast discusses poverty, missions and just about everything that has to do with efforts to alleviate poverty and bring the gospel to the poor.

Hosts Fraser Scott (Bright Hope World's Executive Director) and Kevin Honore (Bright Hope World's New Partnerships Facilitator) look into the nature of poverty, how it can be alleviated and the mistakes westerners often make as they try to help the poor. Oversimplistic solutions are challenged because when it comes to ain't that simple mate!

Episodes are released every two weeks.

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15 - Short-term Mission Trips Special

February 16, 2021 • 56:59

They're popular, they're challenging and enlightening...but are they a good idea? Short-term mission trips have become a key strategy for churches to engage in missions, and to engage thier people in missions. Yet sometimes we do not stop to ask ourselves why we're doing them and if we are doing them the right way.

Fraser Scott and Bright Hope World's Southeast Asia Partnership Facilitator Emma Stokes take a long hard look at short-term mission trips and ask why we're doing them, whether they are giving us the results we're wanting and - most importantly - who we're actually doing them for. They discuss some of the key considerations in doing such trips well, and some of the key pitfalls to avoid.

Resources discussed in the podcast include: