Bright Hope World Podcast - "It Ain't That Simple Mate!"

The Bright Hope World podcast discusses poverty, missions and just about everything that has to do with efforts to alleviate poverty and bring the gospel to the poor.

Hosts Fraser Scott (Bright Hope World's Executive Director) and Kevin Honore (Bright Hope World's New Partnerships Facilitator) look into the nature of poverty, how it can be alleviated and the mistakes westerners often make as they try to help the poor. Oversimplistic solutions are challenged because when it comes to ain't that simple mate!

Episodes are released every two weeks.

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1 - So, Who Are You Guys?

July 31, 2020 • 44:36

The very first episode of the new Bright Hope World podcast: "It Ain't That Simple Mate!".

Hosts Fraser Scott and Kevin Honore explain why they're doing a podcast, and who Bright Hope World is. Fraser and Kevin look at Bright Hope World's vision, mission and values and how these impact how Bright Hope World works to help the poorest of the poor around the world.

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