Get Involved: Give Financially

Giving financially to Bright Hope World is an investment with a difference. The dividends are huge - they're just not financial. Instead you have a direct hand in reaching out and showing effective compassion to the poorest of the poor.

We are extremely careful as we select our partners, and we typically spend several years undertaking due diligence to ensure we are investing in the right people doing the right things.

We also maintain close contact and relationships with our partners to ensure they are making a sustainable difference in their communities. We work as much as we can to help move these partnerships towards being self-sustaining, as many of our partnerships already are. But, ultimately, we trust our partners on the ground to work effectively based on who they are and how they have been called by God to serve their people.

We place a strong emphasis on being a low overhead organisation, so you can know that no more than 10% of your funds are taken in administration. And, if you invest in our General Fund, we take no administration at all.

The different ways you can invest are shown below, with buttons you can click to donate immediately. Transactions are undertaken via PayPal and are absolutely secure.

Donations over NZ$5 are tax deductible and a receipt will be sent to you at the end of the tax year. If you require an immediate receipt, please notify us via the message facility when you make your payment.

If you wish to send a donation via cheque, please do so to:

Bright Hope World
PO Box 8928
Christchurch, 8041
New Zealand

If you wish to send a donation via direct credit, please do so to:

Account Name: Global Hope t/a Bright Hope World
Beneficiary Address: 39 Carlyle Street, Christchurch 8023, New Zealand
Bank: Bank of New Zealand
Branch: Christchurch Branch, Cashel & Fitzgerald Store, Christchurch
NZ$ Account Number: 02-0800-0733739-002
US$ Account Number: 675012-0000
UKĀ£ Account Number: 675012-0001

Please include General Fund, or Project Number if you want to give to a specific project.

Please also email us and let us know about the donation.
Our email is .

Often people give anonymously, but if you require a receipt we need to know who you are. Please make contact with the office either by phone or email.

We understand that people and organisations tend to want to give to a specific cause or partner and we are, of course, absolutely delighted when this happens. However, having the ability to use untagged funds when unexpected needs arise, or with new partners, enables us to be more responsive and oriented towards our partners' needs.

The General Fund is comprised of donations that are not fixed to a particular partnership, but are available for us to apply to partnerships that do not have a specific donor.

When we take on a new partner, we typically fund them from our General Fund for the first year. This is an extended aspect of our relational due diligence process, and it enables us to ensure everything is stable in the partnership before making it available for direct donor funding.

One of Bright Hope World's core values is to operate at the lowest administration levels possible. When a donor gives to the General Fund, we take no administration fee at all, so 100% of funds given go directly to the partner. We do this to recognise the strategic importance to Bright Hope World of having such funding available.

By donating to the General Fund you are strategically investing in our ability to direct funding where it is needed most.

Our Global Funds have been established in particular areas to enable us to support the most significant and urgent needs in those categories.

They enable you to support our work in a specific area of interest, without the need to identify a specific partner. Funds given to a Global Fund will have a maximum of 10% withheld for administration costs.

Our Global Funds are as follows:

Global Education Fund

Bright Hope World's Global Education Fund is focused on providing specific educational opportunities in the areas in which our partners work. We place an emphasis on vocational training for those seeking to serve amongst their own people; on educational needs for those with disabilities; and on supporting gifted students who would otherwise be unable to pursue further education.

Global Disaster Fund

Every year or so we see a major humanitarian disaster somewhere in the world. Often we have partners in the countries where these disasters strike the hardest. These are countries where a natural disaster can devastate hundreds of thousands of lives and where help may never arrive for many people. The Global Disaster Fund has been established so we are prepared to help when disaster strikes.

Global Microfinance Fund

Microfinance is the provision of small loans to those who cannot access mainstream finance. These loans are often essential for people to provide for their families' needs. And the great thing about microfinance is that the same pool of money can be lent out again and again and again! The Microfinance Fund enables us to create and extend microloan programmes, benefiting the poorest of the poor.

Donors can, of course, commit to funding a specific partnership.

To express interest in funding (or part-funding) a partnership - or to find out more about a specific partnership - please click the link on the web page for the specific partnership and we'll contact you to answer your questions and discuss funding requirements.

Part of our emphasis on partnership is our long-term engagement with partners. Because of this, we ask that, in most cases, a donor wishing to fund a partnership commit to doing so for at least three years. This provides a strong basis for the development and health of the partnership.

Money given to a specific partnership will have a maximum of 10% withheld for administration costs.

We will let you know via email when a partner report is available. This can be expected at least annually.

To see our 'Top 10' unfunded partnerships, click here, or use the search panel above to find unfunded or partially funded partnerships in specific locations or of specific partnership types.

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