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There are a huge number of things we can spend our money on, but it is hard to find an investment that delivers a greater return than donating funds to our exceptional partners.

Kaishe Kids

The return is not in the form of interest or financial dividends, but the satisfaction and joy that comes with knowing that you are playing a critical role in helping the poorest of the poor to become spiritually and physically self-sustaining.

Where possible we aim to work alongside our partners to develop income generation and micro-enterprise projects that can produce ongoing revenue streams. But many need help getting there or are unable to do so in the medium term. Others have bigger visions to reach their whole communities and need financial support.

We need your help so we can support them.

Read below about 3 different Bright Hope World fund types you can donate to.

Donate to the General Fund

One of our key values is to operate at the lowest administration levels possible. To do this, we prefer donors to contribute to the General Fund. The General Fund is comprised of donations that are not tagged to a particular partnership, but are available for us to apply to the most needy partnerships that do not have a specific donor. We take no administration fee for donations to the General Fund, so 100% of funds given go directly to key partnerships. By donating to the General Fund you will be having an impact on every project, not just one in particular.

Click the link below to donate to the General Fund online:

Donate to one of our Global Funds

Our Global Funds have been established in particular categories to enable us to support the most significant and urgent needs in those categories.

Money given to a Global Fund will only have a maximum of 10% withheld for administration costs. Please read our Levels of Engagement information for details on administration costs in relation to donation amounts.

Our Global Funds are as follows (click the specific fund for more information):

Bright Hope World Global Funds


Donate to a Specific Partnership

Donors can, of course, commit to funding a specific partnership.

To express interest in funding (or part-funding) a partnership - or to find out more about a specific partnership - please click the link on the web page for the specific partnership and we'll contact you to answer your questions and discuss funding requirements.

Part of our emphasis on partnership is our long-term engagement with partners. Because of this, we ask that, in most cases, a donor wishing to fund to a partnership commit to doing so for at least three years. This provides a strong basis for the development and health of the partnership.

Money given to a specific partnership will only have a maximum of 10% withheld for administration costs. Please read our Levels of Engagement information for details on administration costs in relation to donation amounts.



Bank: Bank of New Zealand
Account Number: 02-0800-0733739-002
Account Name: Bright Hope World

Please include General Fund, or Project Number if you want to give to a specific project. (Please refer to Levels of Engagement.)

Please also email us and let us know about you.
Our email is .

Often people give anonymously, but if you require a receipt we need to know who you are. Please make contact with the office either by phone or email.



Make out cheque to:
Bright Hope World

Post cheque to:
Bright Hope World
PO Box 8928
Christchurch, 8041
New Zealand



You can make an immediate donation to Bright Hope World by selecting one of the 'DONATE' buttons on the Contribute page.

Transactions are undertaken via PayPal and are absolutely secure.

Donations over NZ$5 are tax deductable and a receipt will be sent to you at the end of the tax year. If you require an immediate receipt, please notify us via the message facility when you make your payment.

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