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Report Date: July 31, 2019

Sowers International Newsletter July 2019


Recent Events


Writing from Zimbabwe, Edmund tells of a witch doctor who lost her clients.  

In an outer suburb of Harare, a SOWERS sketch board was pitched strategically at the shopping centre. In a short space of time observers were turned into participants. As the programme progressed, the Word of God was powerfully preached and people’s hearts were pricked.

Little did the SOWERS team know that at the same place the enemy regularly cast his satanic web. A certain woman witchdoctor deployed a group of young men as salesmen. They would be mingling in the crowd and secretly inviting individuals to come to the witchdoctor for spiritual and supernatural help. The witchdoctor would be standing a short distance away and nothing would miss her eye. 

However, on this particular day, something unusual happened. A man was drawing and preaching; to her bewilderment her salesmen were part of the crowd and were so interested to the extent that they seemed to forget their task. She could not stomach it and she tried to remove them from the crowd, but they boldly refused, and all her efforts were in vain. As if that was not enough, many people responded to the invitation including her salesmen. For the first time she felt like an island; her salesmen and the crowd betrayed her.

As it is said; “If the mountain does not come to Muhammad, Muhammad goes to the mountain.” So, at the end of the programme, she came and confessed that indeed God is Almighty. She was counselled and accepted the Lord. 

sharing testimony


Emmanuel from Kenya, tells of his recent visit to Tanzania.

The lady standing, came to faith during an open air meeting in Tanzania that was led by a SOWERS team. She asked the team if they could start a church at her home and she offered a piece of land where they can put up a temporary structure. The team agreed, and they have started a church in the village of Mkiringo. This photo is of her sharing her testimony with this new church one Sunday morning. 


The team in Chikwawa area have planted two churches along the Lake shore. The team conducted a series of open-air meetings in two villages in a region where the people are mainly fishermen and small-scale rice farmers. There was a massive response to the Gospel. The team went back to the village for follow up and as a result, two Baptist churches were planted in the two villages.  


Deo from Uganda writes:
We continue to witness exciting things in our church at Rwemparaki. It is the church that only had a membership of eight for over 15 years. Then grew to over 50 in less than 6 months after its Pastor was trained at Level 1. Last Sunday, I was called upon to baptise their new members. 

I was surprised to discover that all 15 were Rwandese nationals and that they longed for the Gospel literature which is now in their language! 

With the Rwandese translation being almost ready, I’m optimistic that it is going to bear fruit even before it crosses the border because I have already organised a SOWERS class for these ones in my neighbourhood. 


The Church in Mwea is doing so well with the SOWERS Program. They have completed ten open air meetings. They have made an impact in their community with the Gospel. They have started receiving visitors every Sunday and they have brought a young man to the Lord through Sowers open air meeting, who has become so instrumental in their Church. The young man called Duncan has the zeal for the Lord and for open air meetings. 

work advancingDR Congo

Emmanuel from DR Congo reports that the work in Togo continues to advance.

Over a period of two months, Sowers trained in March of this year, have held 12 open air meetings. The woman with the child on her back, responded at this meeting. Gédéon, the Sower, has been very active and committed to the ministry.   


Upcoming Events

From July 29th until August 3rd, 35 African leaders from 10 countries will meet in Ndola, Zambia to take part in the Barnabas School of Leadership (BSL). Among the candidates will be several Sowers including Emmanuel from DRC who has had a lot of involvement with the organisation of this first BSL course in Central Africa.

The Vision and Mission of BSL aligns with and compliments the ministry of SOWERS so we see this as a good partnership. BSL trained Sowers will have much more to offer when helping to establish the leadership in new church plants or strengthening the leadership in existing churches.


Message from Outgoing President - Bryan Fruish

outgoing presidentAs President of SOWERS INTERNATIONAL for the past 8 years, I have had the privilege of being part of what God has been doing through the ministry.

I’ve been able to work and liaise with some of God’s special people. I’ve had the rare privilege of being part of a team of people committed to the Great Commission, of seeing the local church mobilised to go out with the Gospel. These people are God’s gift to SOWERS. They have sacrificed much and God has honoured their sacrifice. They have also added much blessing to my life.

Keeping the Mission functioning and having a vision for a ministry like SOWERS is no easy task. ‘Going out is sometimes uncomfortable’ the Sowers are told. But still the desire to take the reality of God’s redemptive purpose to those around them has kept them ‘going out’. I praise God for those who serve on the front line of the ministry. I am grateful to have had the privilege of hearing what God is doing through their dedication and commitment.

Board members and others involved in the leadership of the Mission have all made sacrifices of time, energy and effort. They have held tightly the vision of the church reaching into the community. 

I believe the Mission has enjoyed one of its most stable periods and has matured with the development of local leadership. As missionary involvement has diminished, national workers have increasingly taken on the mantle for leading the ministry. Today an international Governance Board carries responsibility for the governance of the Mission. National Boards, working with the CEO, carry responsibility for the ministry in most countries where SOWERS is operating.

Please pray for Murray S (New Zealand) and Rodwell M (Zimbabwe) as they assume the CEO and President roles respectively. I believe they are God’s people for this time in the life of the Mission and I look forward to all that God has for SOWERS under their leadership.


Prayer and Praise Points

1) For our new President and CEO
2) For health and safety for Sowers and their families
3) For the BSL course in Zambia
4) The spread of the ministry and for new opportunities
5) For Bryan and Isabel's faithful service over many years
6) For the faithfulness and dedication of our Sowers