About Us: Our History

Bright Hope World has its origins in a short term mission trip that Rob Purdue undertook to Fiji as a twenty year old.

Seeing the abject poverty in a country so geographically close to wealthy New Zealand gave rise to a lifelong commitment in Rob to work for the alleviation of poverty and the communication of the gospel to the physically and spiritually needy.

Two key observations that Rob made on this trip, and over the subsequent years being involved in cross-cultural mission, influenced the founding values of Bright Hope World:

Bright Hope World was ultimately formed in 1992 after Rob and his wife Heather had travelled around much of the world – including eastern Europe during the fall of communism. In their travels, Rob and Heather began to form an understanding of the needs of the poor around the world, and the potential of partnering with strategic individuals and churches with a vision to alleviate poverty and share the gospel with locals in their area, and beyond.

Rob and Heather Purdue

Listen to Rob tell his story about the history of Bright Hope World in the episode of our podcast 'It Ain't That Simple Mate!' below:

Over the years since Bright Hope World was formed, more and more people have joined the team. None of them are paid by Bright Hope World and almost all travel at their own expense. How we operate reflects the values Rob instilled from the very beginning.

"Most of all we are here for the people who desperately need our help. We are unashamedly field driven. The needs of our partners come first. That is one of our core values as an organisation."   Rob Purdue

Today, Bright Hope World has partnerships in many countries, directly impacting thousands of poor families, orphaned and vulnerable children and those who have never been exposed to the gospel. Bright Hope World partnerships help tens of thousands of people each year.

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Our vision of seeing the poorest of the poor become spiritually and physically self-sustaining.

Our mission is to develop and resource partnerships with indigenous people who have a vision to transform their communities.

Our values are:

- We focus on the poorest of the poor

- We invest in strategic partnerships

- We are field-driven

- We emphasise sustainability

- We are committed to a low overhead structure

At least 90% (and often 100%) of the funds we receive go to our partners in the field.