Get Involved: Join the Team

Bright Hope World depends on committed and gifted people to support our partners and run the ministry.

We are always on the lookout for new team members, and are often actively recruiting for new Partnership Facilitators. In addition, we are always looking for assistance with marketing and communications, and occasionally have other needs we'd love help with.


No one is paid from Bright Hope World. Our team are mostly professionals who make part of their time available each year to travel (at their own expense) to help develop partnerships. They work evenings and weekends to communicate with partners. They tend to use their annual leave for visits, to often uncomfortable places. It costs them personally and involves considerable sacrifice.

And, given we are a relational organisation, we tend to only work with people we know well. When someone expresses an interest in getting involved, it is usually several years before they are officially part of the team, and then only if there is a real commitment and alignment with our values. In fact our recruitment process back here is very much like our process for finding new partners: we take our time and only the best of the best come on board!

But, if you think you might have an interest in being involved in the team, then please do get in touch. We would love to talk! If you are the right kind of person, the process and timeframes will not put you off.

The specific roles we have need for are:

Partnership Facilitators

This role tends to be undertaken by a husband and wife couple, although not necessarily so. The people involved usually have some flexibility with leave, and are able to give sufficient time to fulfil the requirements of the role. A passion for missions and the poor is necessary!

The role involves:

Click here to view or download our Partnership Facilitator Role and Process document.

Foundations for Farming Facilitators

Bright Hope World is actively involved in providing and facilitating Foundations for Farming training. If this is an area of interest and experience for you, we'd love you to get in touch.

The role involves:

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