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Report Date: March 22, 2021

March 2021 Newsletter

Recent Events


In talking to the men in the various Fields I have found out that in most of the countries there has been a spike of new COVID-19 cases and some restrictions have been reimposed but business goes on. Testing is only required and free if symptoms are being experienced - everyone else has to pay to have a test. You can imagine the results of that. But the work of the Gospel goes on for, ‘the Word of God is not bound.’ ( 2 Tim2.9 ) 

new church plantZambia

Titus, the Copperbelt Coordinator in Zambia, took a newly trained team to a place called Tunga in November. The team did one-to-one evangelism in the area and many were led to Jesus as their personal Saviour. A church was started and the team went back in December to erect a church building for the new converts to meet in.

New Churches

14 other churches have been planted in the last four months. Emmanuel, in Kenya reports that two churches in Nyanza have been planted during COVID-19 through person to person evangelism and in Western, through Brethren Assemblies Fellowship, four churches have been started. In Uganda, Bishop Deo shared that six new churches have been established across Uganda and in Malawi two churches have been planted at Mtsiriza and at Gresom village through the SOWERS Program.


As a result of Sowers outreach meetings conducted by Alexander and David in Tanzania 16 people gave their lives to Christ amongst 42 who joined various church congregations. Amongst the 16, six were in possession of charms which were destroyed, three of the converts were bandits who are now witnessing that they have abandoned their old ways, one was a healer who discarded his tools of trade and joined a church congregation, and six more were drunkards and given to using drugs. The Gospel is surely the power of God unto salvation.

very beneficialConference

A very successful conference was organised in December last year by Godfrey, the Central African Regional Advisor, for all the Senior Sowers (Stephen, Benedict, Titus, Puta, John, Wallace, Agnes, Mpundu) in Zambia. I was privileged to be asked to share the Scriptures by Zoom on the two mornings. Zoom was challenging especially when there were technical problems however it was good to see them all again and to speak with each of them. They all expressed the benefit of meeting together to build relationships and to be revitalised in their commitment to the work of the Gospel.

Answer to Prayer

Patrick, who hurt his leg in a motorbike accident, mentioned in the last newsletter, writes, "My leg healed well and thank you for your prayers and financial support. I am back to work and the motorbike is fixed".

training continuesKenya

Pastor Eliudi, from the Full Gospel church in Mwea Kenya, was trained by Emmanuel to Level three in January and taught his first Level one Seminar with 16 students. There could be no open air meeting to apply the teams‘ new found skills because of restrictions but they were able to use the counselling booklet in personal evangelism.


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Wisdom and guidance
2) Growth of the new churches
3) Donations for the work to increase
4) Godfrey and Emmanuel in their roles as Regional Advisors
5) Senior Sowers and their families:
- Zambia: John, Stephen, Titus, Wallace, Puta, Benedict, Mpundu.
- Malawi: Godfrey, Amos, Mateyo, Patrick, Oswald
- Zimbabwe: Edmond, Mussa, Delight, Tsitsi
- Mozambique: Macheso, Ibrahim,
- Uganda: Deo, Richard, Mary, Fred, Ronald
- Kenya: Emmanuel, Tobias
6) Funding for income-generating projects.
7) Registration of SOWERS in Kenya
8) Wisdom for Emmanuel and Deo as they continue the development of the work in Tanzania and Rwanda
9) Funds for Bibles, bicycles, printing, sketchboard kits and sleeping bags.


Your prayers and partnership are much needed and greatly appreciated.

Thank you in the name of the Lord.

Selwyn Sexton
Working with Sowers International in Central Africa