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Report Date: December 12, 2015

Updates from around the SOWERS Fields


new believersZimbabwe

Edmond from Zimbabwe shares: Faith Ministries had a week of revival because the church was on the verge of closing. After teaching a Level 1 seminar and encouraging the dying church to keep the faith, we conducted five open airs and engaged in intensive follow-up. We had an unbelievably overwhelming result the following Sunday as 40 new people joined the church. After the service they baptised 27 new believers (photo shows them waiting to be baptised). Indeed the church was revived and all were encouraged. 


Deo writes from Uganda: Timothy had been the leader of a tiny church in a very remote area. Its membership had never exceeded 10 for the last 15 years. At the beginning of this year Timothy attended a L1 Sowers seminar at our office. Excitedly he now reports that the story is different: at the end August he was able to baptise 21 new believers! 

DR Congo

From DR Congo, Emmanuel reports: The SOWERS team, led by Kafusha, the regional coordinator of Luapula-Moero, visited a town in July to organise a series of open air meetings. The report states that 216 people participated including 110 who accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour after being counselled.

In August 2015, eight new members of a local church were trained as Level 1 Sowers. These new Sowers joined with another SOWERS team for outreach and the result was a total of 20 new believers. In the beginning of September, these same brothers and sisters visited four more villages to hold open air meetings and spend time with the trained Sowers there. Glory to God, 290 souls came to the Lord!

exciting stuffThe big news here is the official opening of a new deaf church on Sunday 27th September 2015. The building was erected to serve as a spiritual meeting room for the deaf. Forty deaf people attended the official opening ceremony of the church, and the School of the Deaf was represented by the interim director and his wife.


From Kenya, John shares his testimony. I am so grateful and thankful to the ministry of SOWERS. We used to struggle to conduct evangelism at our church but today it is a different story. I am a Level 2 Sower and as a result of my training I have gained confidence and now I am able to go out to open air meetings. So far, our church SOWERS team has conducted more than five open air meetings. Hundreds of people have heard the Gospel and nearly 185 people have been personally counselled and followed up.

I am looking forward to be trained further so that I can train others. This program will benefit churches in our country because many churches are small and they struggle to conduct crusades due to lack of funds.