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Report Date: June 23, 2020

SOWERS International Newsletter June 2020

The past few months were like nothing we have witnessed before as the whole world changed in a matter of weeks! Change is an inevitable part of life but accepting it is a choice we all have to make! Some change is easy to make while at other times we struggle. The familiar is comfortable, safe and non confronting and so our tendency is to avoid it. Trading short term discomfort for long term growth should be an easy decision, but it isn't.

COVID-19 forced change onto us all whether we wanted it or not - we simply had to adapt to what quickly became our new normal. While there was disruption, inconvenience and uncertainty, there were also some benefits. Time to stop and reflect on what is really important. For many, the shut down provided an opportunity to reflect on life, family, work, priorities etc and that has to be a good thing.

Within SOWERS we have been looking again at what we do, how we do it and why. It is a healthy exercise that serves to sharpen our focus, deepen our conviction and realign us with the mission, vision and purpose God has given us.

inspirational presidentRodwell's leadership as President has been inspirational. The initiatives he has come up with to improve understanding and to encourage and move everyone forward are being greatly appreciated.

The physical needs are also huge with much of Africa struggling, not so much with COVID but with the results of what lock down has meant to them. No employment equals no income and so the greater threat is that of hunger and starvation. While just over 8 million people have had COVID-19, the World Food Programme is warning that up to 265 million people could face starvation as a result of it. While that should bring some sort of perspective to the whole COVID situation, it probably won't.


Recent Events

Regional Advisors

new rolesThe three Regional Advisors have quickly settled into their new roles. COVID-19 has restricted many of their activities (and Godfrey had a painful broken toe to contend with) but they are all excited by the possibilities that exist for them. Online monthly meetings are proving to be extremely helpful keeping us all connected and encouraged while providing a good platform to deal with issues as they arise.

Emmanuel (DRC) has already translated many documents into French so that they can be shared with Sowers in DRC, Ivory Coast, Togo and Central Africa Republic.

Meanwhile, Godfrey mentioned that he and a group of senior Sowers have been able to go out on a regular basis and spend the weekend in a village holding open airs and, in conjunction with another ministry, show the Jesus film. A church has just been planted as a result. 

Emmanuel (Kenya) shared that he is spending a lot of time contacting his senior folk encouraging them, teaching them new sketch board messages and explaining to them changes that have taken place within the Mission. 



Edmond writes: A sketch board was pitched in Chivhu shopping centre. The place had a very few people dispersed around that area. What really touched me was how people from nowhere gathered to see what was going on. It was like a wind just blew across the place bringing people to hear the word of God. Many souls got saved that day and we found it difficult to disperse the crowd after counselling because curious people kept on coming asking what was going on. What thrilled me most was a respected, prominent businessman of that shopping centre who came and heard the word then went back and called his wife to hear it, and both of them responded to the invitation. After counselling he invited us to his business premises to pray for him and his family; then he offered a place to conduct Sunday services.



John writes: L, a 72-year-old man, lived a terrible life. After his marriage, he became a polygamist and married six wives. He joined a church but he did not find Jesus and later he stopped going to church. Then, he joined another church and when I went there to teach Sowers Level 1 he attended the seminar. After explaining the counselling booklet to all the participants, he gave his life to the Lord! He stood and told others that he had not believed for many years but today when he heard the message, his heart was moved to believe in Jesus. Now this brother is living a Christian life and is no longer a slave to sin.



From Malawi, Patrick and Marko report that from January to March 2020, six people have been converted from Islam to Christianity and two Baptist churches have been planted.



at home nowThe sad news, since our last newsletter, was the sudden home call of Christine Sexton on May 8th. While Christine had been very sick for many months, her condition was stable and she was slowly making progress.  

There was no indication of any underlying issues so when she suddenly passed away, it took everyone by surprise. Family immediately travelled to be with Selwyn and he was well looked after by them along with his church family and friends as he planned Christine's farewell. That service took place on May 19th under strict COVID conditions with just 20 people being present. Another service is planned to celebrate Christine's life once the COVID restrictions are lifted.


Prayer and Praise Points

lots to pray for1) For the protection God has given to Sowers everywhere
2) For the opportunities we have to share our faith because of the fear around COVID
3) For Selwyn as he adjusts to life without Christine
4) For Rodwell and the Regional Advisors and the responsibility they carry