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Report Date: November 30, 2016

SOWERS Newsletter November 2016


Recent Events


The big news is SOWERS has been registered in Mozambique after 13 long years of negotiation. Thank you for praying. The National Board is now working to open the first SOWERS Mozambique bank account. It is proving a time consuming and difficult process. Please pray for them.

In Niassa Province, a Baptist Church has used its SOWERS training to plant a new church which is growing rapidly. The church leaders say their SOWERS training is helping them to train their church members in evangelism. 


Last December, a team from Gospel to Every Creature Church in Nakuru planted a church at Kamashia near the Ugandan border. In July this year, the new church was trained at Level 1. Most of the students at the Seminar had come to the Lord last Christmas. Many were counselled at the open air meeting at the end of the Seminar. On the Sunday eight people were baptised. 

new churchMalawi

In the Central Region, churches have been planted this year by teams of SOWERS at Chulu and Chikuta. In each case the village headman has given land to build a church. The Chulu church was visited on July 31st and the photo on the right taken. The headman, with a red jumper, was given a gift of a Bible in August and has now been led to the Lord.


In August two notorious drug dealers, who had attended many open air meetings in the past, gave their lives to the Lord at the end of an open air meeting. They are now attending church regularly.

A few months ago, a woman came running to an open air meeting at Kibira as she was being chased by her husband who wanted to hack her with a machete. At the end of the meeting she gave her life to the Lord and a few days later her husband was also led to the Lord. Both have become active church members.


In the Eastern Province, a very bad and cruel chief attended an open air meeting. After the meeting he was counselled and he and members of his family were led to the Lord. It was a time of great joy in the royal palace and in the whole Chiefdom.

DR Congo

The donation of 160 Bibles and bicycles from New Zealand in 2013 was destined predominately to churches in northern provinces of DRC. Recently, a SOWER spent 10 weeks in this region and on his return gave this encouraging report:
"The gospel has reached thousands of villagers who have abandoned their pagan practices and have integrated into local evangelical churches. Many live as in ancient times where some have neither clothes nor good health. Finding a Bible in the village is still a luxury, hence the need to help them spiritually is a big challenge for us."

Emmanuel also reported that the political/economic situation in DRC is not getting any better with some government workers having not received a full salary for over 12 years now. Despite that, 120 people have responded to the gospel in the open airs they have had this last quarter. One man shared how, following the death of his wife, he had become an alcoholic but after the open air, he had prayed that God would remember and forgive him as he had been an evangelist!