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Report Date: February 24, 2015

SOWERS Central Africa Newsletter March 2015


Recent Events


long term impactIn January two cyclones hit East Africa with Malawi and Mozambique being the worst affected. Many people have died and far more have lost their homes and their crops. 15 of the 28 districts in Malawi have been affected and it is estimated that 300,000 people have been displaced. It is the worst flooding in half a century and there is widespread devastation in the south of Malawi as well as in Zambezia Province in Mozambique.

The floods will have a long term impact especially in the south. This may make it difficult to train churches in the SOWERS Program in some places due to people needing to be focused on surviving, rebuilding their homes and feeding their families.

The SOWERS Office in Lilongwe has been spared the worst of the flooding but like the rest of Malawi, everyone there is affected by power cuts. The power stations are in the south of the country.

doing a great workPastor Disi, pictured second from the right, has stepped down as the Chairman of the SOWERS Board in Malawi. He has done a wonderful job as Chairman over many years and is replaced by Amos N, on the far right of the picture. Also in the picture from the left are Silas, Dan and Wilfred.

Alfred M reports that PJ from M was a witchdoctor but because of SOWERS he has become a Christian and joined a church.

In one district people who did not go to church are attending mid-week services due to SOWERS outreaches and in another district many churches are receiving new members because of SOWERS open air meetings. 

Raphael J reports that during one of their open air meetings at Siyasiya market there was Nyau dance on the other side of the open air meeting place but people were calm and attentive at their meeting which was an amazing thing. Glory to God that there was no chaos and 13 people were counselled.


Zambia’s President Sata died at the end of October and elections were held for a new President. Edgar Lungu from the ruling party was elected President in late January after a relatively peaceful election period.

sharing the good newsIn late October, 19 SOWERS from different teams in the Eastern Province of Zambia conducted open air meetings over two days in four villages. 580 people heard the Gospel and 220 were counselled. The SOWERS then spent five days following up the new Christians.

On the Zambian Copperbelt, Titus is leading the work. He taught 10 seminars in the last three months of 2014 and visited 15 teams. Many are coming to the Lord through the witness of SOWERS on the Copperbelt.  

In the Eastern Province, a man who was very drunk came to an open air meeting. He mobilized his fellow drunkards to bring confusion and stop people attending. The man lost his balance and fell causing serious bruises on his face.  The program came to a standstill and his friends got him up and took him away. The program continued and some of his friends came back and two gave their lives to God at the end of the meeting.


sharing the good newsIn December a computer was installed at the SOWERS Buhimba office - a gift from Australian donors. Dan, the treasurer, and Level 5 SOWER Richard are having lessons in Word, Excel etc. Once they complete their training, Richard will be able to type up Luganda manuals and SOWERS Uganda finances will be put on the computer.

Pastor Moses led a team of SOWERS in the Kyenjojo area. 106 people came to the Lord after open air meetings.


D. Mutsawu; said “SOWERS made me to be what I am. I was grounded by SOWERS to understand fully the way of salvation and stand firm and confess my salvation without fear. I can boldly witness to others about Christ without fear. Also my wife Tsitsi was greatly inspired by SOWERS, she is now zealous for souls and she is running a vibrant cell group she started.” 

sharing with othersPastor Isaac C said “SOWERS helped me to understand the gospel, I have been to church for some time but I did not really understand much about sin, its effects, until I did a SOWERS level 1. It dawned on me; how I was separated from God illustrated in the counselling booklet. SOWERS also gave me confidence to preach to others. I am can proudly say I am a product of SOWERS.”  

Pastor E. G said; “Though I was a Pastor, SOWERS challenged me to preach before drunkards at Zengeza 4 Shopping Centre under the watchful eye of the Mr Sexton. I was so scared because I was used to preaching in church to sober people not in the open air to drunkards. But I had the shock of my life as I invited people to come to Christ; I saw a drunkard putting away his brown bottle of beer and vowing never to drink again. After the meeting the drunkard come to me and thanked me. I was greatly encouraged. From that day till today my life has never been the same as far as soul winning is concerned.” 

Mrs Gombe said; “SOWERS taught me how to handle new believers, to keep the harvest, the importance of praying for them. Praying for the lost is now my priority.” 

Prayer and Praise Points
sharing the good news1) Our daily walk with the Lord
2) Good health and safety, wisdom and discernment
3) Additional funding for the work
4) Registration of SOWERS in Mozambique, Kenya and Uganda.
5) Senior Sowers and their families:
Zambia: John, Stephen, Titus, Puta, Wallace
Malawi: Godfrey, Blackson, Mateyo, Amos
Zimbabwe: Edmond
Mozambique: Macheso, Ibrahim
Uganda: Deo, Richard, Mary.
Kenya: Emmanuel
6) Funds for printing, Bibles, bicycles, and sketchboard kits

Thank you so much for your interest and prayers. Please keep praying.

With our love and grateful thanks,

Selwyn & Christine Sexton
Working with SOWERS International in Central Africa