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Vision and missionBright Hope World works mainly through key Christians and indigenous churches who understand their community and who can deliver holistic, unconditional compassion to all people, regardless of their gender, religion, race or ethnicity.

We are not the source of the 'big ideas'.

The strategies for helping the poorest of the poor come from exceptional local people already based in and working effectively in these communities. Our partners know the issues and culture, and are extremely motivated and dedicated in working to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the poor.

The following video gives a short (and light-hearted) idea of how we approach our vision and mission:

In order to fulfil our mission, Bright Hope World focuses on building partnerships with local people and churches that have a compelling vision to develop their communities so that relief can be delivered in the short and medium term while training, job creation and sustainable development can be implemented.

Our aim is to see lives changed and the poor empowered through six different types of partnership (most of our partnerships cover two or more of these types):

  1. Training and Education

    Bright Hope World has a strong focus on vocational training, enabling the poorest of the poor to attain the skills they need to secure sustainable employment.

  2. Community and Agricultural Development

    Strong communities are critical in helping the poorest of the poor emerge from poverty. Bright Hope World is connected to partners throughout the developing world that are working to strengthen communities by addressing underlying issues, challenging mind-sets and providing economic opportunities. We are particularly engaged with providing Foundations for Farming training to promote effective agriculture

  3. Orphans and Vulnerable Children

    Poverty tends to disproportionately affect children. Bright Hope World works with our partners to ensure that vulnerable children are protected, have access to education and are able to pursue opportunities for the future that will help lift them out of poverty.

  4. Humanitarian

    Many of Bright Hope World’s partnerships aim simply to improve the living conditions and quality of life for people in the most marginalised communities. This may be through access to healthcare, social support or relief after a natural disaster or conflict.

  5. Microenterprise and Microloans

    Providing ‘small loans’ to help initiate ‘small businesses’ is a key strategy for helping lift communities out of poverty. Bright Hope World has helped to formulate approaches that achieve very high payback rates and stronger community outcomes. Critically, microloans give people an opportunity to provide for their own lives and families, avoiding dependency and helping people to fully participate in local economies.

  6. Evangelism and Church-Planting

    The Gospel is at the heart of everything Bright Hope World does. We are not interested in simply solving economic problems, but focus also on addressing the spiritual problems that cause poverty, and keep people locked into cycles of intergenerational poverty.


There are four key phases of 'sustainable engagement' in alleviating poverty.

Sustainable Engagement

Relief is a response to a crisis such as a tsunami or earthquake. It is about meeting short-term unexpected needs. This is a phase that takes months or years.

Rehabilitation typically follows a relief situation. It focuses on returning people to the kind of life they had before the crisis. This tends to take years.

Development is about lifting an entire community out of poverty and addressing the core and causative issues that give rise to poverty. This takes decades.

Reform is about changing the cultural, political and economic systems that allow poverty to perpetuate. This takes generations.

Bright Hope World tends to work mostly in the Development Phase, meaning that changes happen over longer periods of time. Sometimes we see big impacts quickly, but our focus as an organisation is long term partnership that impacts whole communities over time.

Everything that Bright Hope World does is within the context of partnership. This is one of the key aspects of our organisation that makes us unique. Click here to find out more about the types of partnership we invest in.

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