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Report Date: July 28, 2016

Updates From Around the SOWERS Fields


Recent Events


Kwesi is currently holding a Level 2 seminar for 16 participants. The Pastor is an old trained Sower and years ago he planted a lot of churches. About 80 people gathered at the open air to listen to the gospel and 16 people were personally counselled including two Muslim girls. One of them remarked, "I do not understand the teaching the Imams have been giving to us but I have understood what you said and I want to join your church". 


good timeStephen held an open air meeting in his village. After the gospel was preached, the team member preaching gave an invitation to the group of men who stood before him. Among them was the headman of the village. To the team's surprise the headman responded to the invitation. A team member counselled him and he gave his life to Christ!

Over 2,000 people have been counselled in the last nine months including John, a traditional healer who was led to the Lord at one of the open air meetings. During the follow-up his wife was led to the Lord too. John has burnt all the things he was using as a traditional healer including his uniform and is asking to be trained at Level 1. 

A meeting of the coordinators was held on May 20th followed by the Zambian AGM the following day. Both meetings went very well. There was an election for the Officers of the Board at the AGM. The Chairman and Treasurer were re-elected and a new member has joined the Board as Secretary.

very encouragingThe work is going well in Zambia and the Board Chairman’s report and the ministry report presented to the AGM were most encouraging.

The photo on the right shows the newest church planted on the Copperbelt. The church was planted after a SOWERS open air meeting and the Chief has given them permission to build a church. More than 20 people are now congregating each Sunday in the shelter. In time a more permanent structure will be built.

DR Congo

Recently they planted the first church specifically for the deaf of Lubumbashi. In Likasi, Kamina and Kalemie there are other churches for the deaf that are led by deaf missionary pastors that Emmanuel has trained. (Also see DRC05)

good time


The Sextons have recently visitied Uganda. One of the highlights of the visit was the meeting of over 50 Sowers from different places who came together in Buhimba, where the SOWERS office is located. They also met with the National Committee at Buhimba. The meeting was very positive and some new members have been added to the Committee. The meeting elected a new Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Registration of SOWERS in Uganda was one item discussed. All the paperwork has been completed and is in Kampala waiting to get the final approval for Registration.


encouraging developmentsThere are many encouraging developments in the work in Kenya including:

- Three new Level 3 Sowers. They are the first Level 3's in Kenya. John and Mary are two of them and they are pictured right working on the message for a Level 1 seminar which was held over two Sunday afternoons.

- On June 18, the first ever Sowers Rally was held in Kenya (photo below). Over 40 people attended, many of whom were Sowers and some who were not. It was exciting to hear how God is using the SOWERS program in different parts of the country. Interest was high and it was very encouraging for those who had travelled some distance for the meeting.

- The SOWERS program has been shared at two meetings of Pastors and since then a number of Pastors have approached Emmanuel asking for more information so they can organise Level 1 seminars.


Prayer and Praise Points

great timeFor many years now in Central and East Africa the third Saturday in September has been set aside as a day of prayer for SOWERS. Please join with them in prayer on September 17th.

1) Additional funding for the work, in particular funding for Bibles, bicycles, printing, sketchboard kits, and sleeping bags
2) Registration of SOWERS in Mozambique, Kenya and Uganda
3) Elections in Zambia on August 11th
5) Senior Sowers and their families:
Zambia: John, Stephen, Titus, Puta, Wallace
Malawi: Godfrey, Amos, Blackson, Mateyo
Zimbabwe: Edmond and Musa
Mozambique: Macheso and Ibrahim
Uganda: Deo, Richard, Ronald, Mary.
Kenya: Emmanuel