New Partnerships

The partnerships shown below are the ones we have most recently formed. Typically Bright Hope World spends at least two to three years developing a new partnership before it is made available to prospective donors. This period of relationship building and due diligence is critically important in ensuring that any partnerships we embark upon are successful and donors can be assured they are investing wisely.

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Zimbabwe, Africa

ZIM03 - Maunga Farm Community Transformation

Maunga Farm is a poverty stricken area. People were resettled here by the government in 2002/2002 but no infrastructure was developed. They are peasant farmers and barely make a living in a good year but years of ongoing drought have made life even more difficult. Rodwell Masanga and his family have a vision to see the community transformed and plan to move into the area and become agents of change.

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Funding Status:

No Current Donor

Partnership Type:

Community / Agriculture Development, Evangelism / Church Planting, Humanitarian

Funding Size:

$3,000 - $7,999

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