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Report Date: December 12, 2020


December 2020 Newsletter

As Christmas and the New Year are fast approaching and we look back, wow, what a year it has been! It has been a very different and difficult year for everyone as many challenges have impacted our lives and our ministries but in and through them all God‘s promises, presence and power have been very real to comfort, strengthen, provide, heal and to lead us into a closer relationship with Him. For this we give Him praise. May 2021 be a blessed New Year for you all.

Field News

With the exception of Zimbabwe, all the Central and East African countries are gradually lifting restrictions, opening the door for small gatherings which means Seminars can now be held but still maintaining social distancing.


Edmond M in Zimbabwe was encouraged with news from Level 3 Sower, Pastor Zhakata at Faith Ministries in Harare that he and his team went to Epworth and, in spite of the pandemic, managed to do one-on-one counselling using the counselling booklet. Four people came to Christ and three of these have been baptised.  


John B, from Zambia, tells of a young lady, aged 24 years, named Bwalya J who was so troubled living at home that she became a prostitute and became married to three men and had three children. Later she was divorced. When John visited her place she told him a lot of things that she was going through. John led her through the counselling booklet and she gave her life to Jesus. She wants to do Level 1 so she can start helping other young ladies who are going through similar things she went through.

On the 12th of September Wallace B, a Senior Sower in Zambia lost his first born son, Lovemore, in a motor bike accident. Apparently a truck did not give way and Lovemore went underneath it. He was 25 and was about to graduate from Teacher‘s College and he was home for the weekend when the accident happened. Wallace says he and his wife, Evelyn, are still in pain.

Stephen, Coordinator of the Luapula Province in Zambia, recently suffered a stroke. His legs have been affected and he is having to learn to walk again. He says that he is making slow progress but he has been able, with the help of public transport, to attend a number of District Committee meetings. Please pray for these Sowers and for safety and good health for all the Sowers. 


making bricksThe picture on the right is of a new church planted recently after an open air meeting at Saphika village, Malawi. The church is being taken care of by Vickson, a Level 3 Sower. As you see in the picture the church is busy moulding bricks to build their church building. There is a strong Sowers team in this church.

Pastor Jonas, a Level 3 Sower testifies that he was mostly blind on how important it is to go and sow but the coming of Sowers changed that. He says that now he is able to mobilise a team, teach Level 1 and go out to preach the Gospel. It has not only given him the courage to do outreach ministry, but the training has also improved his ministry at church.

getting betterPatrick K, a Senior Sower in Eastern Province in Malawi, had an accident when riding his motor bike and he received injuries to his legs. Unfortunately he was not able to get proper medical treatment straight away because he had no money and was in considerable pain. He has now received Specialist help and he is recovering.


Prayer and Praise Points

1) My daily walk with the Lord
2) Wisdom and guidance
3) Full recovery for Patrick and Stephen
4) Comfort and healing for Wallace and family
5) Godfrey and Emmanuel in their new role as Regional Advisors
6) Senior Sowers and their families:
- Zambia: John, Stephen, Titus, Wallace, Puta, Benedict, Mpundu.
- Malawi: Godfrey, Blackson, Amos, Mateyo, Patrick, Oswald
- Zimbabwe: Edmond, Mussa, Delight
- Mozambique: Macheso, Ibrahim,
- Uganda: Deo, Richard, Mary, Fred, Ronald
- Kenya: Emmanuel, Tobias
7) Funding for income-generating projects.
8) Registration of SOWERS in Kenya
9) Wisdom for Emmanuel and Deo as they continue the development of the work in Tanzania and Rwanda
10) Funds for Bibles, bicycles, printing, sketchboard kits and sleeping bags


Thank you so much for your prayers and partnership.

With love and grateful thanks

Selwyn Sexton