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Report Date: April 16, 2024

Prayer News April 2024

Recent Events

New Cartoon Book

creative timeDuring the school holidays, we have no outreach programs in schools, so right now this is giving us a great opportunity to create a new cartoon book. We are so excited to be producing this new book together as a team and the theme of the book is "Change". The focus of this theme is on testimonies of our lives and how God has changed us. We are hoping through this that the children will come to know that God can change them too, that we can all become ‘new creations’.

The project will take us several months to complete, but we are getting a good start on it while the children are on holidays. We have each committed to writing different sections of the book. Some are doing games and activities pages while others are doing bible story pages. We even have science experiments to write up in the book. It is a great project, and a very large task. Please be praying for us over the next several months as we work together on this. 

Bible Correspondence Lessons

We are excited to have another 16 children from a new school wanting to join our bible correspondence lessons. The school is very supportive of the children entering into our program and is helping them by posting their responses to us and distributing new studies to the children when we send them out. 

facing obstaclesVision

Kanchana: I thank God for the calling He has on all of our lives. For me, as I have now been serving God in children’s ministry for many years, I find it so interesting to note that our vision has never changed. We have had to change personally, and we have had to adapt the ways in which we reach the new generation of children, but our vision is the same… “to reach Thai children who have not heard about Jesus”. For all of us, there are many obstacles that we face. I have faced many, but God is always faithful, and your prayers are powerful.


Personal Stories

answering questionsHere are some testimonies from the children that we have collected over the last month. They are all responses from children who are studying the “I Am” cartoon book and answering questions from the “Important People” story.

Questions: How do you feel about what Jesus did? Do you want to be seen by Jesus as someone who is important to Him? For what reason?

10 years old: I feel that Jesus was a good man, He made people respect him. I want to be important to Jesus because of the teachings of Jesus.

11 years old: I feel love for Jesus. I want to be important to Him because of the teachings of Jesus.

15 years. I feel that Jesus never forgets his promises no matter how much time has passed. I want to be important to Jesus because I will get to listen to the teachings of Jesus.

12 years old: I feel love for Jesus, and I want to be important to Jesus because I want him to teach me more.

lots of ideas9 years old: I feel that Jesus has compassion, loves people. I want to be an important person for Jesus because Jesus was a man of wisdom.

10 years old: I feel that Jesus had a good heart. He has compassion for children and all citizens. I want to be important to Him because He is kind and compassionate.

10 years old: I feel that Jesus is merciful. I want to be important to Jesus because Jesus was a wise man.

9 years old: I feel that Jesus has compassion and love for people. I want to be important to Jesus.

16 years old: I feel love for Jesus. I want to be His important person because I want to be at His side, and I want Jesus to teach me.

12 years old: Jesus never abandons His people, no matter who we are. Jesus loves all people and sees the same importance in each of us. I want to be important to Jesus so that I can have wisdom and have loyalty to Jesus and so that I can be gracious to everyone, just like He is. 


Prayer Requests from the Team

ideasWin: Please pray for all of us as we plan and think of creative ways to present Jesus in our new cartoon book for the children.

Kanchana: Please pray for me as I continue to follow God’s calling to work with children through the team and through the church.

Mew: Pray for the 16 new children wanting to participate in the correspondence bible study lessons.

Jean: Pray for us as we prepare packages to send to schools. We are sending 2,000 packs to schools this month! Pray also for the 549 children of the juvenile detention centres who participated in the activities of the Nong Rak Club. One of these young people has now been released and has accepted Jesus as her saviour.

Nut & Palm: Working on the cartoon book is still a new experience for us. Please pray that we will have God’s wisdom, anointing and creativity so that children will meet with Jesus as they read this cartoon book. Please also pray for us as we make videos for our social media channels that are not only fun and entertaining, but that also introduce children to Jesus and teach them how to live a good life.