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Report Date: June 6, 2023

Student Update

Mark Jeo Dacullo

Dear friends,

A blessed day to you! I hope that you are doing good today. It has been a while since I wrote a letter to you. It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I write to thank you for your generosity to me. I am so blessed to have sponsors like you.

Since the second semester started for my third year in college, we held it face to face in our university. I am also sent to a local high school near to my university to do a Field Study as part of my course requirements. It feels surreal to meet high school students knowing the fact that I will be a future teacher and it feels time flies too fast. This semester is quite challenging to me, adjusting to the new learning modalities plus the higher mathematics courses make me feel worried about my grades. My general weighted average last semester is quite good which is 1.31 or 93. 

With regard to my family, we are all safe and healthy. Six of my family members are studying including me. Last month, my older brother's wife gave birth to my second niece. We are happy for the new baby in our family. Sometimes it is hard but as they say, when you have your family and the Lord nothing is impossible. 

About my ministry, I barely attend Children's ministry because of a lot of paperwork assigned to me such as lesson plans, presentations, and research papers. I am praying that after the midterm examination, I hope that I will be able to attend Sunday school as well. There are a lot of times that I am not capable of attending Sunday service and so I watch the service online. Thanks to our pastor and his wife (my mentors) for always reminding and giving advice to me with regard to my spiritual growth. 

Let me end this letter by saying "Thank you" for your generous heart for helping me in pursuing my studies. Thank you for all the blessings that you have shared to me. God will shower you with His blessings, healings and miracles. Keep safe and healthy. God bless you. Thank you!


Johnnery “Miko” Aspera

Dear Friends,

How you have been? It is a privilege to write a letter for you again. Me and my sister are still leading the praise and worship with God’s help every Sunday Service. Our church now has an outreach in San Rafael, a town 1 hour away from our home. My dad and my mom go there every Sunday evening to facilitate a worship service. It is a blessing that God gave us a privilege to extend His love toward the people there. However, the one we trained to play the beatbox is living there and he is worshipping God there so no one is playing beatbox every morning in our church, but I know God will bring someone someday in His perfect timing.

Regards my academic, I am excited to share with you the blessing I have received from God. I am one of the candidates for the Dean’s Lister award. Last semester was quite challenging as we came back to face to face classes but I thank God he stands by me in everything I do, even though  sometimes I forget Him but he is always reminding me of his power and love.

Aside from my academics I am also busy in our departmental publication as the Editor-in-Chief. Yes, it is tiring but I’m always praying to God saying that I believe He is the one who put me where I am, and he is also the One who will strengthen me to accomplish things He has given me. I thank God that now I am more capable of managing my tasks and time and I am less likely to be overwhelmed by the things needing to be done. However, sometimes I have doubts if I can really do things in front of me, but I remind myself that God is standing next to me.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for the past years for supporting my schooling. We will never forget it and I promise someday, in God’s will, I’ll treat you.