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Report Date: March 27, 2020

Update from Chrissy and Sue 

Dear friends and partners,

Greetings from the beautiful shores of Pemba, Mozambique. 

Recent Events

Pemba Dream Project

The Pemba Dream Project (PDP) is a programme for Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting in the three provinces in the north of Mozambique namely Cabo-delgado, Nampula and Niassa which are all Muslim held provinces.  

New Developments

Danny Mawindo, one our church members, is in Manica Province doing a three year bible course and he is quite excited and doing very well. 

Jose and Tania have not yet moved to Quisanga due to security reasons as the District they are targeting has been recently targeted by insurgents who have gone rampant in the Province, killing people and burning down houses. We expect a lot of hunger and starvation this year in the province due to these attacks on innocent villagers. It has been very difficult for people to cultivate or work in their fields, this has led to a lot of internal displacement of people in the country. 

New Work

Niassa Province: We are excited to inform you all that we have three new families in Niassa province, trained at OM Mozambique, from the Yao tribe. They are former Muslims and we are glad that the Lord is giving us Muslims to reach out to the Muslim communities.

ZE and MR with their two boys are in Mecula District. JAR and AJC with two children are going to Muembe District. AJX and LVB with their two girls are in Sanga District.



Sonia is to start work in Pemba, Ikumba is in Zambia still searching for a piece of land where he can do his agricultural activities, Katendi is working at a Pemba beach hotel as a supervisor, Ilunga is in Zambia wanting to do mission training with BISA in South Africa but still waiting to hear from them, and Luwi is doing grade six this year and hoping to move to one of the Christian private schools in Zambia God willing this year. Sue is doing well working with the ladies. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Praise the Lord for these developments which are happening with the Pemba Dream Project 
2) Training funds for Danny Mawindo
3) Pray for the whole team we have now
4) For the ongoing work in the church in Pemba
5) Tent making funds for the team 
6) Our son Luwi’s education
7) For our safety and provision here in Pemba
8) Peace of this country


We are very grateful to you all for both the financial and all the encouragement.   

With all our love and thanks, 

Chrissy & Sue