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Report Date: March 3, 2021

Rahab Update January 2021

“No one who achieves success does so without the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.”
Alfred North Whitehead

Recent Events

Christmas Outreach

COVID-19 has impacted Patpong like so many places. Being a tourist area, the bars have been quiet and closed twice through lockdowns. This has been very hard on the bar girls. Some have gone home but others have not had enough money to get home. Pom contacted Prai prior to the first lockdown and is now working in the Rahab Laundry. After the first lockdown, Rahab was able to help support some of their regular contacts.

Instead of the usual Christmas party with food and games, this year Rahab gave out gifts of food. Through this, three women accepted Christ. One of the Mama-sans who has worked in Patpong for over 20 years also left the bars and works in the food shop.

With a second lockdown pending, many women are asking for jobs through Rahab. Because people are encouraged to stay home, both the laundry and food shop are not unable to open. Prior to COVID both were going extremely well, but Rahab can’t give them jobs until things settle. Please pray about this.

Some Rahab people are currently working from home making crochet toys and some jewellery. 

unable to meet


Bible Study

keen to comeIn 2020 Rahab held a bible study once a month with a regular group of around 40 women attending. The first meeting after the first lockdown saw around 70 women come and nine accepted Jesus. Due to the current situation in Bangkok they are unable to continue meeting but Sasitorn keeps in contact via social media and phone. The uncertainty caused by COVID-19 has brought further opportunities to share God’s love and hearts are soft. 


A Blessing

Blossom and Bear in the UK have been making a regular order of soft toys. You can see a baby holding a Rahab made toy on their website. We had another big order in 2020.

Jewellery orders are down, but there were a few Christmas orders made.