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Report Date: April 13, 2022

Update from BHW Thailand Partnership Facilitator

locked downUnfortunately, due to COVID related travel restrictions I have been unable to visit Thailand recently but have been in email contact with Chuenjit. 

Recent Events


As with many of the restrictions that have been put in place in Thailand for the last few years, access to the youth remand centres has been severely curtailed.

Chuenjit has remained in contact with those who have left the prison and has used her time to expand her ministry into other areas, including helping Joshua (and his new wife) with an outreach to the local homeless people.

need supportThailand has had several waves of COVID which have resulted in repeated lockdowns but as the situation stabilises, we pray that the opportunities for her to resume her work in the youth remand centres will come soon.

As we haven’t been able to visit, I’ll let Chuenjit give a brief update in her own words:

My life in Thailand had many changes when COVID-19 came, also in the ministry. I know that we all have to adjust to it. Because of COVID-19, the government decided that people are not allowed to visit the youth prison for activities. This means we haven’t been able to go in for a long time. We still visit the youth prison to bring snacks, hand sanitizer, etc., but we cannot do activities with the youth. During the pandemic I have always stayed in touch with the director from the youth prison. 

Moreover, I continued to serve God with Jaisamarn Supanburi church to preach there twice per month. 


special time1) Online preaching
- Sunday every second and fourth week of the month
- Thursday every week
- Weekly meeting with Lao group

2) Visit the youth prison
- Once every three months and other Zoom meetings with youth officers sharing experiences with youth

3) Homeless
- Cook every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
- Once per week join Joshua to visit the homeless

4) Home church fellowship with Joshua and Marlieke
- Every Saturday 19:30-22:00 PM
- Every Wednesday 19:00-20:00 PM  

need support

special time









special time

Personal Stories

Mod (a girl from Pathumthani youth prison whom Chuenjit has been mentoring for some time) is now joining the home church twice per week. She got baptised on the 26th of February 2022! 



I thank God very much for always giving me the opportunity to serve him. I also thank Bright Hope World for always supporting me. It encourages and challenges me to continue to share the gospel to people. I am very glad to see the fruits of this ministry.  


God bless you
Chuenjit Mangkaew