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Report Date: September 15, 2015

Bangkok Mission Centre September Prayer Update


We are so thankful for your prayer backing this month. The bomb in Central Bangkok which killed 20 people and critically injured dozens more was unprecedented and shocking. The Thai police seem no closer to finding out why it happened, and the only thing we know for sure is that it was a blatant act of terrorism linked either to Muslim extremists or to the ongoing political tension between the two factions fighting for power. Most Thai Buddhists are shaken and searching for answers, and are turning to Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace in ever-increasing numbers.  

The testimonies from our Thai mission partners this month are just so encouraging! 


Recent Events

Chuenjit (THA07)

Chuenjit is continuing to visit the Youth Remand Prison in Pathumthani every week, and next month will begin a new outreach to the Youth Remand in Ayudhya. At the end of September Chuenjit will move house to stay with her niece Bow. Pao will move to stay with Joshua. 

John and Nok (THA08)

John and Nok say this is the best and most fruitful time of their lives. In spite of the drought in Thailand, the farmers who follow Christ are experiencing miraculous rice crops – double the quantity of anyone else. Three spirit mediums have been set free from bondage and sickness as they turned to the Lord; and their families have been restored. A disabled man called Pong received Christ when his neighbour witnessed to him. He said the curse over his life had been broken, and he received the blessing of the son of God. Those two believers started a meeting in Pong’s house where 15 more people in the village turned to Christ and are eagerly studying the word of God.  

Vilai is a new believer, only 2 months old in the Lord. She is a well-known government official who has received government recognition and awards for the quality of her service. Vilai knows the owner of the local Pathumthani Radio Station and she boldly asked for radio time to share her testimony. Now John, Nok and Vilai have been given one hour every day to broadcast the good news. Already people have come to faith in Christ as they have heard these radio programmes.  

Prasert/Top Kids (THA01b and c)

Prasert has good news to share! Many of the children who study English and music at the House of Hope are taking their friends to Top Kids on Saturday and their families to church on Sunday. We really enjoy connecting with the children and their families as they come to the House of Hope, and God is working in their lives to bring hope and transformation. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Please pray for a speedy resolution of the political conflict and terrorist attacks in Thailand. Pray for the safety of all our mission partners working in Thailand. 

2) Pray that many Buddhist Thais will hear and understand Christian radio broadcasts, and that the Holy Spirit will anoint John and Nok’s radio evangelism and teaching. Pray that more Buddhists will turn to Christ and that disciples and churches will multiply.

3) Pray for Prasert and the House of Hope ministry to children and families in Tungsonghong in North Bangkok. Pray for Prasert as she prepares for the Family Camp on 9–11 October and for the teams from NZ and Australia who will be helping with the camp.  

4) Pray for Chuenjit and her team as they share the good news and teach the Bible in the Youth Remand prisons in Pathumthani and Ayudhya. Pray for Jahn, an 18 year old girl from the Remand prison. She is interested but still has not opened her heart to Christ. Pray she will become His disciple. 


Thank you so much for your prayer partnership this month. God is working in Thailand as never before, so this is a good time to be praying!