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Report Date: December 22, 2021

Update from Lorraine Dierck

Christmas greetings to you! This update comes with heartfelt thanks to you all at Bright Hope World for your very generous financial and prayer support for our teams in Thailand – not only for the past year, but for all those years that we have worked in partnership together to see Thai Buddhists set free to follow Jesus. It is such a blessing, and a fruitful investment!

The Covid situation in Thailand over the past few years has been very difficult for our teams, but it has also given them opportunities to share the love and light of Christ in dark and desperate places. Opportunities they would not have had in more “normal” times. 


Recent Events

Good News Team (THA01a)

The Good News Team was of course unable to visit schools as they have been closed for most of this year. They have continued to send out Bible correspondence courses and are always encouraged by letters from children and teens who are following Jesus and growing in their discipleship journey.

This year they are using their creativity to tell the Christmas story through online video clips instead of face to face in the schools – and they expect to reach many more children and teens than would have been possible if they were physically traveling around.   

Prasert / Top Kids (THA01b and c)

Prasert has been very busy this year supervising some repairs to the House of Hope, which was leaking badly. The families she is working with in Tungsonghong were so excited to see the transformation happening as the rotten pieces of wood have given way to strong walls and a rain-proof roof and ceiling. This has not been without its challenges as the building team was ill with Covid and affected by sporadic lockdowns in Bangkok. However the repairs have now been completed, and the children are really looking forward to being able to meet without getting rained on. And without having to dodge chunks of wood falling off the ceiling. Please pray for their Christmas outreaches over the next two weeks. 

preparing parcelsPrasert has also been giving food parcels to some of the neediest families in the two communities she is working in. These people are among Thailand’s poorest of the poor, and life was difficult enough when they were earning $5 per day but now that Covid is rampant in the community, even that income has dried up. Several people in these communities have died from Covid, including children which is so very sad. Prasert is helping these families with food support as she is able, and continues to visit, pray and encourage them.

Attached are a couple of photos of Prasert with some families she is helping with essential food gifts. There is also a photo of Prasert visiting her 92 year-old father recently. He was the first believer in the province of Sukhothai, and all of his 9 children are following and serving the Lord. What a great legacy! 

much needed

 helping othersgreat legacy








Cheunjit (THA07)

disciplingThe government mandates meant that Chuenjit and her team have not been able to visit the youth prisons this year, so they decided to focus on young people who have come to know Jesus through their prison ministry and who have now been released. Many of these young people are growing in their faith as they attend the youth discipleship and fellowship meeting that runs in Chuenjit’s home weekly.

Joshua, who was one of the first believers to come to Christ through Chuenjit’s ministry, has started a ministry among homeless people on Chaengwattana Road. He is growing very healthy-looking vegetables to cook and feed these hungry people as you can see by the photo below.

John and Nok (THA08)

John and Nok continue to use videos and social media to share the good news with Thai Buddhists, with literally thousands of responses from people who have no other access to the good news of Jesus. Even Buddhist monks are being baptised in the Holy Spirit through their ministry. Their stories are so exciting!

Muangtong Church

special timeIt has been tough for churches too in Thailand this year. They were shut down for a long time, and the leaders were not allowed to make pastoral visits. Online services were a blessing but they longed to worship and pray together face to face. However, no virus can stop God from working, and many desperately needy Thai Buddhists have put their trust in Jesus. Thankfully, churches are now allowed to meet together in person, although the numbers are limited. They over-come this by running multiple services and meeting in groups all day on Sunday. They just love meeting together in person again, and one of Muangtong Church’s first events was a Thanksgiving service where they brought whatever food they had, gave thanks to God during their worship, and then gave it away to the neediest people in their communities.  


great vegesComments

One of my greatest joys this year has been mentoring, coaching and just generally encouraging my teams through Zoom and free internet phone calls. It’s so good that we can chat with our friends in Thailand for hours at a time without paying one cent! As I have regularly talked with Pastor Udom, Prasert and Nok, I have been encouraged by their faith in the tough times, and their continuing fruitfulness. 

While the inability to travel back to visit our beloved mission partners has been a challenge, I trust that, like me, you can say that this has been a great year, full of God’s grace, mercy, joy and faithfulness. 

Thank you once again for your partnership that is making a difference in Thailand.