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Report Date: February 2, 2015

training othersBangkok Mission Centre February Prayer Update


Welcome to the first newsletter for this year! Thank you for praying for our mission partners in Thailand. I (Lorraine) am continually challenged as I reflect on the fact that more than 40 million Buddhist Thais are still waiting to hear the Good News for the very first time. Please do pray that the Lord will give us the fresh, creative ideas we need so that our new mission partners can go out and get the job done.  


Chuenjit  (THA07)
impacting livesThanks to God for the young people in the Youth Remand Centre in Phathumthani. Recently a team from New Zealand came to the Remand Centre and one the boys, Auon, accepted Jesus. He has since been reading Christian books and telling others about his faith. He was praying to be able to return to his family and he has been able to do that. We thank God for His answers. 

1) Pray for me as I follow up the boys and girls at the Remand Centre who received Jesus.

2) Pray for Auon as he learns to follow Jesus.

3) Pray for Youw who is still studying in the school.  Pray that she will do well and grow in her faith.

4) Josh and Pao will be studying at Ramkhamhaeng University from May. Please pray for them as they are working too. This is a very big step for them.

5) Pray for me to have wisdom from God especially as I follow up the young people and help to disciple them.


John and Nok (THA08) 

impacting livesThank you for praying for our Youth Camp in January. There were 50 Buddhist students who came to know about Jesus and opened their heart to listen to the gospel. They came from 14 provinces around Thailand, from Krabi, Songkla, Choompon, Chonburi, Rayong, Ayuttaya, Supanburi, Khonkan, Sakonnakon, Surin, Petchburi, Samutsakorn, Bangkok and Pathumthani. Nana, our daughter, and her team were the speakers at the camp.

Please pray: We need to see these young people following Jesus and bringing the good news to their family and friends. We want to visit them after the camp and meet in small groups, and lead them and their family and friends to know Jesus. But for 14 provinces it's a big job and we need wisdom about exactly how, and who, should be involved in this project. I know there is no limit to what God can do. But we need you to pray!  Thank you.


Sud and Noi (THA09)

great attendanceWe had a wonderful Christmas outreach where almost 100 people from the Buachum village came to the program. When we gave the invitation to follow Christ, 70 people responded. Please pray for us as we follow them up, may they become strong disciples of Jesus Christ!

Pray that God will protect them from the drug culture in this area, and set them free from everything that hinders them from following Jesus with all of their heart. Please also pray for 10 children from very poor families who live near our house. We were blessed with some special Christmas gifts which we passed on to these children and they were so excited to receive them.

On 19th January our car was involved in a serious accident, and we praise God for his protection. Our car was almost destroyed, but since the accident was not our fault, the other party’s insurance will take care of it. Please can you pray that it will be repaired quickly because it is difficult visiting the churches and people without a car. Thank you so much!


Prasert / Top Kids (THA01b and c)

This month please pray as Outreach Programs begin for 2015: 

Christmas programe1) Pray For Top Kids on Saturday afternoon; start back on 8 February. Some of the children have moved away - please pray that the seeds that were planted in the hearts of the children continue to grow.

2) Teaching music - guitar and ukulele. Classes are on Tuesdays after school. Our first class is on 3rd February. We want to see these children and young people know and worship Jesus through music classes.

3) Teaching English after school starting on Thursday 5th February. Pray that this will be an effective way to reach out to the pepople in the community. We want to provide another way to help them and to win their heart to Jesus. 

4) Baking classes are on Tuesday afternoons and commence on 3rd February. These classes are open to the community, especially the mothers of the children, to come and learn how to bake. Very few Thai woman know how to bake and this is an opportunity to get to know more pepople and share the gospel.  

5) Sunday service - pray that we will see more children and families give their lives to Jesus and come to join the service.

6) Pray for more people to help me in this work.