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Report Date: September 20, 2016

Update from Lorraine Dierck Following Visit to Thailand


It was so good to spend significant time connecting with my Thai team as they talked about the fruit they are seeing in their ministries. All of them are leading numbers of Thai Buddhists to Jesus, baptizing and discipling them. It’s got to be harvest time in Thailand. Way back in 1973 when I first went there, many missionaries worked their whole lives seeing only one or two people decide to follow Christ – and sometimes none at all. What a difference now as people’s hearts are so open to listen to the good news and decide to follow Jesus. Of the many reasons for that happening, the most important one would have to be increased numbers of people crying out to God in prayer for this nation. Thank you for your part in that. 


Recent Events

John and Nok (THA08)

transformed livesIt’s always a privilege to spend time with John and Nok, my son and daughter in the Lord. They are absolutely committed to discipling and training faithful people, according to 2 Timothy 2:2. I’ve attached a photo of them holding a list of “fruitful” people, and those they have led to Christ. Just one example - more than 60 people have come to the Lord through “Mrs Lek”, and these 60 people have all been baptized and are regularly meeting in five small groups. It’s so exciting to hear about these transformed lives as their families are restored, their crops increase, they are healed body, mind and spirit – it sounds like the book of Acts chapter 29.  

Cheunjit (THA07)

At the end of August Cheunjit was in Laos with a team of 5 Thai Christians, running a seminar for Lao pastors and leaders on how to use Bible Stories for evangelism and discipleship. They have run several of these trainings in different parts of Thailand this year. At the end of each seminar they go onto the streets and ask people if they can tell them a 5 minute story. Often the story develops into a long conversation and Cheunjit said many people have come to Christ right there and then. Please pray that this training will continue to bring many Thai and Lao people to Christ. 

Top Kids (THA01c)

exciting timesPrasert and her husband Tee are continuing to work faithfully at the House of Hope, a safe space for children in the violent and vice-ridden slum resettlement community that is Tungsonghong. Much to Prasert’s delight, a small group of the Top Kids (Nong It, Nong Ink and Muey) were baptized this month and Prasert is training them in evangelism and leadership. At the end of August they held an outreach in a town where there is only one believer, with a great response.  

Good News Team (THA01a)

I visited the Good News team several times – it’s very rewarding to see their passion and effectiveness in reaching the 20 million Buddhist and M. children of Thailand – which was my vision when I started the ministry in 1979. Over the years they have had their ups and downs but the team is doing well; faithfully continuing to visit schools with a one-hour evangelism programme as well as getting into some up-to-date strategies. For example, after 30 years of posting out the Bible correspondence course lessons the course is now online and the team is beginning to connect with kids via social media such as LINE and Facebook.  


Thank you once again for praying for our Thai mission partners. I really enjoyed listening to their stories and challenges and praying together with them during my three months in Thailand. All of them say how much they depend on their prayer partners so they can remain sharp and refreshed in a dark and oppressive environment. You are a big part of everything that is happening in their ministries, bless you heaps. 


In Him,