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Report Date: March 31, 2020

Report from Nabin Darlami January - March 2020 

Recent Events

trainingDear SOWERS partners, it is my great privilege to report where I have visited with church pastors and organizational leaders, prayer teams, and evangelist teams. I had a committee meeting for further plans to Go, Sow and Grow for God’s kingdom in Nepal. Nowadays, open air evangelism during a funeral is a good opportunity to share the gospel under the constitution and in the eyes of the government. Non-Christian people come in huge numbers and that moment is a silent time and people do not argue and make accusations easily. Many non- Christian relatives and neighbours come to show sympathy in such a time. You can see a picture of this that I have sent. 

encouraging othersI visited pastors and leaders about having an evangelism seminar and praying to fulfil that for which He called me for His kingdom. The prayer team talk and pray more for God’s work in our nation. I want to add and guide more evangelists in my nation who can assist for God’s work in different central places of Nepal. Brother Dinesh is with us from Pokhara. I want to add some others from the east and central districts of the nation like Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Dharan, Butwal, Ghorahi, Dhangadi to make broad SOWERS ministries by providing love gifts and serving voluntarily. 

On 26 February 2020, I shared the gospel to more than 150 people in a huge group. 

An old Christian women slept in Christ in the East part of Surkhet. She was taken to prison in October 1961 and she lived in prison for 6 months because of believing in Christ. She is an historical Christian for Surkhet (my district). She slept in Christ at 103 years of age. Her many relatives were gathered together in her funeral program and her son’s family members requested me to share from the Word of God so I took the advantage to share a gospel good opportunitymessage and about our future security in Christ.  There were around 300 people and among them 30% were Christian and 70% were non-Christian. 

Our evangelist team were involved in a Constitution celebration day and got the chance to participate in the program – see the picture with our national flag as a symbol. Because of involvement by Christians with a banner there was a significant opportunity to share our witness as they proclaimed that Christian representatives are with us. We can praise God for this individual message. 


Personal Stories

safe nowI visited in Samserganj village of Banke and shared the gospel by visiting each door in this village. I shared the gospel to 10/11 houses on the trip. I met with Bina B.K. She is from a dominated tribe from Hindu society. She is a married woman with a Chhetri tribal man as her husband. This couple have two children. She is a humble lady and I got the chance to share the gospel with her and her family. Her family did not accept Christ, but she did. She suffered from her family so she left her home. Her husband is giving more trouble and suffering so she came to Surkhet from her home in Banke district. She came to Surkhet with her two children escaping to save her life. Her family suggested to her that either she should deny Christ or die.

Now she is secure and living in close distance from our church and doing fellowship with us. She is having a struggle to save her witness and life in Christ. I am supporting her with kitchen things to survive and she is preparing to work to survive with her children. One child is 11 years old and the youngest daughter is 4 years old - both are studying in school. It is a challenge for her to live for Christ. She denied her family but accepted Christ. Sometimes from some of society comes hard situations to live for Christ. She has skills to sew clothes for women and children. She needs a sewing machine and over locker machine, so pray for her that these will be provided so she can survive for herself and children’s life from this work.  



I am a married man with my wife Hannah and we have three children. They all are studying in college level except our youngest son. We are doing evangelism training and church planting ministries as well as doing ministries to win souls to Christ from our changeable world to an unchangeable heaven. 

My parent’s background is farming. My father was a tribal priest. He sacrificed animals and birds according to Hindu rituals. He accepted Christ 20 years ago. I have three younger brothers and two sisters. They all are married and serving in Christ’s kingdom by doing their own work with different talents. My family members are general people and surviving in their situations but the great thing is that all family members are living in Christ by personally believing in Him. God is giving me a role and responsibility to win unreached people myself and preparing many evangelists.

Our family members’ health situation is good in His grace. God is keeping us in a healthy life. My wife Hannah is struggling with stomach pain and bleeding, but God is saving her from critical situations so she is surviving from a hard situation. I should carry more burden to look after and care for my family members, especially spiritually and physically. Living together and not dividing property but using it in helping each other makes us look like a united family in the eyes of our society.   


Plans for the Future

serving GodI was focused for planning two seminars for February and March 2020 but they could not run for two reasons. The intended training participants are college students and they are preparing for their final exams, so it was postponed for March 2020. But the next issue was my preparations to attend the RA Conference in NZ in March. My visa application was declined three times and the coronavirus also appeared as a barrier. 

Our ministry activities are planned for the next period as mentioned below. We want to give two evangelism seminar/training in Baddichaur Surkhet and Dailekh district of Karnali state. We want to give such kind of seminars in 10 different places in whole year of 2020. Our ministry goal is providing seminars to the churchess and helping them to Go, Sow and Grow and equip them to win souls and do church planting. We all want to share the love of Christ with the unsaved people and we want to plant more churches. Recently we Christian numbers are 2% in our nation among other religious and gnostic people, so we want more % of Christianity by focusing on making God known among those numbers of non-Christian society.

These days we have been living in quarantine in our own home for a week, as well as our neighbour country India who started it 2 weeks ago. This may be required for some more weeks so we are taking advantage of the time. We want some more seminars in this year 2020 perhaps more than 7 seminars in this year.    


sharing good news

Current Issues and Challenges

Hindu people are against Christianity now in India and Nepal. A political party is standing against Christianity in Nepal. This party is called the Rastria Prajantantra Party run by Kamal Thapa. They are supporting a plan to establish a King ruling system. It is their attempt to stop all churches in our nation. But in my view, there is nothing blocking things in our ministries in our country even as there are challenges everywhere all over the world. God is doing more miracles in His supernatural powers wherever people are not expecting divine miracles. 


sharing good news


Our country is a developing country and not developed yet. People are worshipping gods and goddesses. 98% of people are not saved in Christ. They are not walking in the true way of God so we are challenged to save them in Christ. So pray for us to add more workers from different regions of the nation so maybe we can do more ministries in our nation for evangelism and church planting for God’s glory.

Thank you for your kindness to focus on our significant prayer request and situations. 


In His grace
Nabin Bahadur Darlami