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Report Date: April 4, 2024

Report from BHW Egypt Partnership Facilitator Following Visit 14th March

mentoringWe visited the site of the centre on our first day in Egypt. There was a group of 18 pastors from the Holiness Movement in session and Kevin spoke to them. These are existing pastors that N is mentoring. They come every month for 3–4 days, N puts them up in his mother’s flat and feeds them. He also pays for their travel and gives them a small gift from the training centre funds. N is very passionate about this training programme. 

We spent several days with N and S talking about the things that are happening. S still oversees the main programme. 

One of the problems with just turning up for a few days at random times is that it is difficult to get a broad view of the variety of programmes that are being run and see them in action. We only hear from them what is happening. It is also difficult to get a handle on the impact, outcomes and stories. 


Recent Events

learning new skillsCourses

The courses go on from session to session like clockwork. A new course for beauty started the week we were there. In recent times they have had courses in mobile phone maintenance for people who mend phones. They still have a computer training course and have trained many people, especially Sudanese. They have art and music classes, especially for younger Christian people during the school vacations. The music classes are very popular with churches that are developing young people into worship teams. They run several English language classes during the summer. Hair dressing, beauty and make-up are the most popular courses for women and can bring them a great income, especially if they can get into wedding preparation.



new skills

new skills











learning new skillsPartnership's Influence within the Community

They continue to have a great reputation in the community and people still come for all their courses. The courses continue to attract both Christian and Muslim students and from this they discover many needs that they move into with their other programmes. 

They continue to get praise from the Social Work Department as the best training facility in Cairo. This is based on the quality of their training, not the number of students trained. In the past year they have had approximately 250 different people attend their training programmes. Most training programmes last for about 50 hours. 


Plans for the Future

There are no specific new plans. They intend to continue the training courses as it is a wonderful opportunity to connect with people. 


Current Issues and Challenges

new skillsEven though they are well thought of, they are under constant scrutiny. In reality, because of their registration they should not be teaching spiritual subjects. 

There is the constant pressure of all that S and N do and the number of hours in a day!


Prayer and Praise Points

1) That they have a great reputation in the community and with the Social Work Department.
2) That there are still many people wanting to attend the various courses.
3) Most of those who attend the training gain employment. Businesses look out for their trainees.
4) Many Christian organisations send their young people for training, especially the computer and English courses, and churches send their young people for the music courses.