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Report Date: December 17, 2019

November 2019 Newsletter

There are always a lot of needs in the ministry and a lot to plan and be done. As the Lord says “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few”.

joyful time

Recent Events

Vocational Training Centre

A hairdresser course has recently finished and six young ladies had graduated to start a new job or run their own small business. It is always such a joyful time to see people gaining new skills and beginning a career path.

Also in the vocational training center we did a computer course for around 13 Sudanese ladies. They have just graduated from the course with excellent knowledge and great skills in dealing with different things on a computer.  


joyful time

joyful time

 new skills









Poor Families (EGY05)

My wife is still leading the ministry among poor families and widows. Along with the ministry team, she always plans for different events and for regular visits to pray with them, spend time worshipping the Lord, and listening to their needs and their problems. The ministry team tries to do their best to fulfill all the needs they encounter.


Syrian Refugees (EGY05a)

We still do regular visits to the Syrian refugees and we see them on a monthly basis to fulfill their needs and meet them individually to listen to any problems they might be facing.

changing their lives


Ministry Among Addicted People (EGY05b)

We do regular visits to the rehabilitation center to follow up and support those who have decided to stop addiction and encourage them to continue the journey they started. Among those young men are two youths who had become addicted to heroin at a very young age but they decided to start the journey of recovery and they are almost done with their program in the center. 



Prayer and Praise Points

1) Please pray for a conference that will be held in December for ministers and church pastors. It is a conference for different dominations. More than 12 different dominations will be meeting together for three days, learning the word of God, praying and worshipping the Lord.

2)  Please continue praying for our country Egypt.

3) Please pray for the vocational training center and for the different activities that are being planned.

4) Please pray for strength, wisdom, unity and creativity among our ministry team.