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Report Date: June 13, 2021

new courseUpdate from NB

I am pleased to inform you about a new course we have recently commenced.  

This is with a group of 12 people both young and old. None of them have any work, no skills and no income so they come to our training center to study a course in hair cutting, shaving etc. for men. It is a 50 hour course with practical training.

After completion everyone will receive tools and start to practice their job; they can make good money out of it. There are many barbers shops looking for trained people who will hire them. One could earn at least 150 Egyptian pounds (approx US$9.50) a day which is very good. 

The idea came from S. She saw some widows who had sons who were not working and some men who had no job so we decided to do this. It has been very successful and practical.


new course

 new coursenew course






new skills

new skills