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Report Date: September 20, 2017

Update from Vocational Training Centre


Dear precious friends,

Greetings to you. It is such a pleasure to share with you our news in the past period. We are very thankful and grateful for His mighty hand and protection to us as a family through all the different circumstances that we go through.


new skills nowRecent Events

Vocational Training Centre

This summer we have trained tens of people in different skills and most of them have gained new skills. Among these were 15 young girls who were new graduates but had not found jobs yet because they were unaware how to use a computer and lacked the skills. We therefore arranged an intensive course for them and all of them were trained very well. All of them were M's.

One of the participants in one of the computer courses was Dr J. He is a retired pharmacist and saw his grandsons dealing with the computer very well while he wasn’t. He therefore decided to study learning new skillsthe computer course in order to connect with them. This was the first computer course he ever took. At the end of the course he was very happy that he could learn this in his old age.

We also trained a large number of kids and young children on playing music and it was such a useful time for them for gaining new talent and new skills as well. 

Family News

My wife, S, decided to go back to her work in one of the biggest children's hospitals and take the advantage to serve a large number of children who are not able to find their medicine or cure. She is still also serving with us part time. She is doing a lot of work among the Syrian refugee families and the poor families as well.  


new skillsPrayer and Praise Points

1) Pray for us as a family
2) Pray for Egypt to be more stable economically and politically and to have more peace
3) Pray for all the different ministries that we do
4) Pray for a new group of students that I will be doing Bible studies with starting from October and training them to be qualified to be church leaders and pastors in different areas