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Report Date: December 12, 2023

Update from Jesse

busy yearGreetings,

This year has been quite a busy one for us in terms of Foundations for Farming training. Since March we have been conducting at least one or two trainings per month. 

These are the groups we have trained;
1) Mt Elgon, Church of Christ leadership 
2) Dove Mbulutini - Machakos
3) Nyamiobo
4) Nyaigwa
5) Risosa
6) Gesabakwa
busy year7) Samugara
8) Kenyambi
9) Ngokoro
10) Obomo

In all these groups, we have had between 20 to 80 people attending each sitting.  So far, this year we have trained a total of at least 380 people in all the 10 groups. Each training has been going on for three consecutive days. 

The projector has made the trainings very effective as compared to the previous ones. 

busy yearOn the other hand, we have not done so much on the follow up visits. We have done one follow up visit to Mt Elgon and also took a week to visit most of the other groups once. We are hoping to do more in the coming year. 

From the follow ups, quite a number have tried to implement what they have learnt. In Mt Elgon they have already harvested once, and we are yet to go and get their views concerning the same. In other places, most are yet to harvest but for Machakos we are yet to get a report.  

We still have several groups to train but we might push them out to the coming year. 


busy year
busy year