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Report Date: July 17, 2018

Kisii Foundations for Farming Follow-up Report


fantastic maize

We, Francis and Jesse, visited our farmers in Kisii on 5th and 6th of July. The report from them was good and we are so encouraged. The maize we planted with them earlier this year is very good. Some of the farmers are expecting a harvest only from the section of their fields planted under Foundations for Farming while the rest is a waste. 

Their testimonies are so encouraging and the smiles in their faces could tell it all. 



1) Most farmers still don’t manage weeds as they should 

room for improvement2) Mulch is less than it should be and this contributes to weeds menace

3) The farmers are so encouraged with this farming method as opposed to others 

4) Most of them have mastered FfF principles but still have a challenge to follow them in all detail 


Things to Improve On: 

1) More workshops

2) Frequent visits and follow-up

3) Working side by side with the farmers


more mulch required

pleased with results