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Report Date: June 23, 2020

Update from BHW Kenya Partnership Facilitators 

Key people: Ibrahim and Diane Omondi

Recent Events


There have been a number of devasting events in Kenya which have directly and indirectly affected the work of DOVE Ministries. These include COVID-19, floods and the locust invasion.

The floods were particularly bad in western Kenya which is where DOVE has a number of churches. One of their members lost his life in the floods and many homes were washed away. Floods also hit Garisa again but they had advance warning and were able to dig trenches so that the school was not damaged. The Garisa farm was affected and washed over. They are now planting watermelon and hope that they will do well. Apparently, after flooding, the soil is well set for watermelon.

Jesse and Francis have not been able to get out of Nairobi because the boundaries of the city are blocked, except for essential services. Even if they could go out, it would be difficult to gather people together for training due to lockdown restrictions. The "up-country" attitude toward Nairobians now is that they are to be avoided at all costs. 


Personal Stories

Ruth is a single mother (abandoned by husband) with three children. Her business is doing hair for ladies and children. Usually she goes to people to give these services in their homes but no one wants to get their hair done at this time and they also do not welcome people in their homes. Many landlords have said that no visitors are permitted within the small apartment complexes.

Wycliffe is a driver and also has a barber shop on the side. He has been laid off from work. Very few people are coming for shaves because of fear of coronavirus. His teenage son who was living with him had to go stay with friends because there was just not enough food in the house.

Freddie works for a company that does events (they rent out tents, chairs, etc) and again he has been laid off of work. He is able to drive every now and then for his boss just for personal errands, so gets paid a small allowance occasionally. He has a family to take care of so things are very difficult.

Edna does a business of child care for young children in her home but of course no one is bringing their children now so she is out of work.

George is a teacher who lives in Kibera. He has been laid off. He has been helping with some informal tuition/coaching at DOVE but they are only able to provide his bus fare and a bit of relief food.

These are some of the people (there are many more) that DOVE have been able to give some basic foodstuffs to, to keep them going.


Partnership's Influence within the Community

The DOVE team have been able to help quite a few families, especially with food. This is based on donations from individuals and also help from the DOVE International family. This is really wonderful and people are very grateful. 

They have also been able to informally provide coaching for young people who are members of DOVE. They come to the church compound and are given help with their studies. This has had to be done very discreetly. They are careful to keep their distance etc, and not have too many people gathering at a time. This is really making a difference in the lives of these students who would otherwise be stuck at home (in crowded neighbourhoods) and in need of help to keep up with academics. It also is an ideal atmosphere for mentoring and discipleship.


Current Issues and Challenges

Due to current lock down restrictions Jesse and Francis are unable to travel to farming projects or run trainings. 

Another challenge is with the missionaries. Several of them have tent-making businesses; this includes a school, salon and cyber-cafe business. All of these have been closed. They have been able to offer a bit of "covid-relief" through donations to DOVE Missions Africa.

The floods have destroyed crops from the farming projects.

There is much need for food and essential items for family members of the DOVE community. 


Prayer and Praise Points


Many of the churches are thriving. People are giving their lives to the Lord. The concept of the priesthood of believers is emerging. The same type of thing is happening in many DOVE churches. There is a zeal in evangelism and creative ways of "doing church." The church is supposedly "closed," but the underground church is definitely on the move.


Pray that they will hear God and obey Him at this time. Pray for those who are struggling to have faith and the ability to be strong. Pray for provision for basic needs. Pray also for the crisis of children and young people being out of school - in the slums and rural areas this has led to all sorts of unexpected things like, for example, a high streak of teenage pregnancies. Pray that they will have wisdom and know how to BE the body of Christ and DEMONSTRATE God's love.



Ibrahim and Diane have been able to support their community with the donations that have come in through their DOVE community. There is still much need and we recommend that Bright Hope World donate further funds to support the impact of COVID-19 and the flooding. A separate summary of needs will be sent through.