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Report Date: April 4, 2020

Update from Tino and Nelda Villaroel

Greetings to you all at Bright Hope World. It has been a while since we last communicated but please find below an update on what we've been doing. 

Recent Events


I was unwell the whole month of December and I spent the Christmas and New Year period in hospital. I am now recovering, slowly, at home but the needs of the ministry made me get back into things quickly as I had commitments to fulfil. I suffered from having fluid around the heart and now take medication for it. The doctors say it was old health issues that have recently reacted. They carried out a comprehensive set of tests and the Lord gave them wisdom to make me well again. I couldn’t stay immobilised for too long as I had various commitments to complete. We continue to make the best of being in better health, to work in the ministry the Lord has called us to, as long as the Lord gives us the strength to do so.

We continue to live on the dairy farm as we have nowhere else to go. The place we used to live in many years ago in Camiri, we left to collaborate in the ministry of the dairy farm and the Bible institute. 



special timeI had a wedding to officiate at and also had a church conference to participate in, in Santa Cruz.

Then I was involved in another conference in the village of Casapa, near to the village of Monteagudo. There are some new believers in this area and after the conference we celebrated a number of baptisms (see photos). We are caring for this group, there are around 40 meeting in a house.



special time

  special timespecial time










Thank you very much to the believers at Bright Hope World and Riccarton Community Church for their continued support. This helps us to continue in the front line of the battle against the enemy of the souls. Thank you for your concern for us, the Lord will pay you back, do not cease in doing good.

Greetings to the believers that support us.


Tino and Nelda