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Report Date: April 18, 2019

Update from Tino and Nelda Villaroel

Firstly, we want to thank you for your continued support for us. We appreciate the fact that you stand with us in the Lord’s ministry here in Bolivia.


Recent Events


There was a change to our ministry and we will take the opportunity to tell you about it. Up until the end of last year the Lord has been faithful in helping us to be involved in the ministry of managing the Bible Institute in Camiri, including mentoring the students, taking classes, cooking meals for the students and managing the grounds/facilities, including helping with the dairy farm project that Bright Hope World funded.

This year has seen us concluding our participation with the Bible Institute but that doesn’t mean our ministry has lessened, in fact the Lord has led us to increase our work in areas that previously we didn’t have enough time to be significantly involved in.

Here is a list of our ministry:
• Supporting new church plants: We provide help to missionaries who are involved in church plant work. That often looks like preaching, teaching, and moral support.

• Working with small rural churches that are struggling: We come alongside these type of churches to give them any support required to boost the effectiveness of the church in its community.

• Church Seminars and retreats: We teach in various church seminars around Bolivia, particularly those that are located in rural areas and jungle areas. These events are important as they often give the enthusiasm boost that the churches need to reach out to their communities.

• Local church involvement: We are involved in our local church here in Camiri, in leadership, discipleship and encouragement.

We are still living on the Bible Institute/farm facility until we are able to locate somewhere to live in the town.

This report contains a number of photos showing you what we have been involved in and we will give you some points to be praying for. 


Church Conference in Itapenty

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House Meetings in Palmasla

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Church Retreat in Ypati 

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Prayer and Praise Points

new ministry1) Please pray for the ministries that we are involved in; church planting, revitalising struggling churches, church conferences and retreats, local church leadership and discipleship. We are keenly aware that we need the Lord’s help and strength in these ministries.

2) Please pray that God would provide a house for us to move in to, in town (Camiri).

3) Our health is up and down, please pray that the Lord would give us the health and strength to be involved in His work.

4) As we transition from so many years of working with the Bible Institute and farm, that the Lord would give us peace that He is leading us into new areas of His ministry.

5) We praise God for your continued support and partnership, it encourages us greatly.


May the Lord bless you as you partner in His work.

Tino and Nelda Villaroel