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Report Date: January 15, 2015

Update from Tino and Nelda


great coupleGreetings in this new year of 2015, may the Lord continue blessing your lives and ministry.

We also desire lots of success for the believers at Bright Hope World. Thank you for your prayers and your economic support via your love offerings.


Recent Events

Technical School

The technical school functioned well all year. We started out with a good number of students but in the end some stopped attending. I don’t know what their motives were, however the year ended with all expectations met. 

Also the tutor, a fellow brother, made an agreement with a N.G.O. on behalf of the city council to teach other students in the same school, this will generate an extra salary for him. At the moment they are on vacation until February.  

Bible Institute

studentsIn terms of the Bible Institute, it has been a blessing. We started in March and ended in October and had 22 students. We finished with 24 students as two of them were external students. We completed 14 modules of 15 days each with a month winter vacation in June.  

During this vacation the students returned to their churches to work in the ministries that the elders assigned them. They returned in July with a report from their respective elders, so we could evaluate what they completed and did. Later on we also had a one week trip around churches in various places with a programme we prepared as a practical and visionary exercise. We finished with the graduation at the end of October. 


We are involved in the Bible Institute, in the area of student mentoring and do a module on marriage and the Christian home. We are also involved in the spread of the Gospel and I also look after the Bible Institute. 

Nelda is in charge of the administration of the Bible Institute and in health and alimentation. 

During this current vacation that the students have we are more involved in looking after the new churches that have been planted four years ago, we are taking discipleship studies and conferences. 


Thank you for your interest, with the Lord’s help I won’t disappoint. 

1 Thessalonians 1: 2-4.


With much love in the Lord

Tino and Nelda