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Report Date: November 11, 2015

Update from Tino & Nelda


Thank you for remembering us. We are well in the Lord, always in the front line carrying out the command to go and preach the gospel and to serve those who need it. 

Recent Events

Bible Institute

We were very busy with the young people in the faculty this year, looking after them in their lives and Christian growth, and imparting to them a vision for the work of the Lord that will last for the rest of their lives. 

We travelled with them to different places. We were also with them in Jujuy in Argentina, visiting various churches. It was a real blessing to meet up with past students living in this area. They are working well in their church, some of them are already full-time in the ministry of evangelisation and in service.  


Last week we attended a conference in Monteagudo with the believers there such as Agapo, Eltan, David and lots more from different places. Eli and Raquel (BLV04) were there with other believers from San Juan del Piray. 

Juan Pablo and María Fernanda now have their first child. They are working with enthusiasm, as usual.  

New Places

We haven’t stopped visiting new places where there is also a need of salvation. We also haven’t stopped visiting Santa Rosa de Cuevo, and I tell you it’s booming. There is a brother there, Efraín Segundo from Guaraní, who dedicates himself to preaching but we note that he needs financial help. I don’t know if there is some way we can help him with a small bakery project as this is his trade. He already does some baking but doesn't earn much from it, he needs something more. He has a family and he doesn’t earn enough.   


Prayer and Praise Points

Please pray for us, next year it seems there might be a change in the Bible Faculty and we are unsure as to what will happen. 

Please also pray that doors will open to be able to continue with our ministry while we can still walk, speak, see and serve. 



Thank you for your financial support, this helps us to fulfil the Lord’s commandment. 

Thank you for helping us and supporting us. We love and pray for you for all that you do for the Lord our God. 

With much love in the Lord

Tino & Nelda