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Report Date: August 22, 2017

OM Nakoli School July Newsletter


Recent Events

Finished Building

finishedPraise God! We have finished the building project. Our cook is enjoying her new indoor/outdoor kitchen. Everyone is excited about having the kitchen so close to the school. The teachers are enjoying the new office as a place for meetings and planning. The students are learning to use flushing toilets for the first time in their lives.

God has been so faithful to provide for the new building. We just have a few more things that are needed to make the building complete: a printer, a notice board, a file cabinet and some shelves.

Please join with us in prayer that God will provide for the rest of our needs. 


caring for each other


Impacting Lives

Idah Sibande teaches grade 6 at Nakoli. Recently Idah contracted malaria (not uncommon in Zambia) and missed a week teaching due to this. Samuel*, a prefect in her class, was concerned about her. He gathered all of the grade 6 students and they walked to her house to pray for her healing.

Their desire to come and pray for her has encouraged Idah. She loves her students and prays for them, now she knows they feel the same way about her.



Personal Stories

Peter* is a young boy in the community. He used to wander around the school, walking in and out of classrooms, asking teachers and students for food. Often when he approached the students, they ran away from him because he was unwashed and would take their food.

Two of the teachers went to visit his home to find out what is happening in his home life. His mother struggles to care for him, so she lets him wander around the community unwashed and unfed. The teachers offered to buy a uniform if his mother would wash his clothes. She would not commit to washing his clothes, but his father who had been away agreed to make sure that Peter was washed and ready for school.

Peter joined our Pre-Reception class a month ago. He is staying in the classroom, learning to use a pencil, listening to the teacher and playing with friends. Peter is just beginning his journey at school. We look forward to see what God is going to do in his life.

*name changed


changed livesPrayer and Praise Points

1) 11 teachers are writing exams to begin the process of teacher registration
2) Pray for the teachers to study well and to excel on their tests
3) Pray for the students who have substitute teachers
4) Pray for God’s wisdom for the future


Additional Comments from BHW Zambia Partnership Facilitator

The Zambian government has decided to “gazette” all the community schools in Zambia, meaning they are taking over the running of the schools but still want NGO's to fund them. Currently the headmaster at Nakoli is government placed.

OM are meeting on Thursday 8th August to discuss what they will do. The main issue they face is that they can no longer run the school as a mission outreach to the community. 

Bright Hope World still funds Nakoli through donations and also the rental income from the IM flat that was built. 

Isaac will contact us with the outcome of the meeting.