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Report Date: October 10, 2016

Nakoli Grace Community School Newsletter 


Transforming Lives, Transforming Communities

Recent Events

Inter-school Sports Day

great funOM Community Schools in Kabwe met together for an Inter-school Sports Day. Over 160 students (Grades 2-6) from Nakoli Grace Community School and Makwati Community School competed against each other. The events included foot races, obstacle courses, academic competitions, and a football (soccer) game.

Students had a great time as they watched teachers race. Students from both schools won trophies for individual events. Nakoli Grace Community School received the trophy for the day of sports. We are extremely proud of the students for their effort and hard work.

Manna Project

Every weekday over 380 children are being fed as a part of Nakoli’s Manna Project. Children who are hungry think about where their next meal will come from and do not focus on learning. Ba Auntie is our cook. She fetches fresh water for cooking and makes Nshima (a local staple) and beans or Sampo (another local dish). She works very hard to provide healthy food for our students. We thank God that we have the opportunity to support our students with a meal.

MV Logos Hope

time with kidsAt the start of this year a delegation from OM Zambia went to visit the MV Logos Hope in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania. The Logos Hope is an OM ship that ministers in different ports around the world. They sent Nakoli Grace Community School supplies and books. Our teachers were thrilled to have new resource books and age appropriate books to read aloud in the classroom. The teachers were also overjoyed about the new supplies, like crayons, scissors, pencils and pencil sharpeners. The older students were given pens and notebooks and the younger students received pencils and toys. Both age groups were very excited to receive the supplies and toys. 

Then in March, when the Logos Hope was in dry dock in Durban, South Africa, a team of six young people that serve on the ship came to visit Nakoli. They come from Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Australia, Thailand and Brazil. The team sang songs, played with the children, and told them about about the ministry of the Logos Hope, bringing the good news of Jesus to people in different parts of the world. 

passion for young kidsNew Profiles

Gertrude Mundia
Gertrude teaches the Reception Class (Kindergarten). She is doing her teaching practical year at Nakoli Grace. Gertrude has a passion for teaching little ones. As a first year teacher, Gertrude sometimes feels overwhelmed. She has found that the Lord gives her wisdom and inspiration to teach her students.

heart for kids

Chilufya Musamba
Chilufya teaches Grade 4 at Nakoli. She has the same heart as all of the teachers at Nakoli. “We believe and trust that God is doing great things in the lives of these children who are the future leaders of this country.”


reaching kidsIdah Sibande
Idah teaches Grade 5. She views teaching as a way to reach students' hearts for Jesus. Her students are beginning to recognize their need for God.

One day a staff meeting ran late and Idah was 20 minutes late for class. She began class without praying to save time. The class struggled to understand the lesson. A student asked if they could pray for God to help them understand. Idah immediately stopped teaching and had the student pray. 


Personal Stories

Isaac Tembo

changed lifeI am teaching Grade 6. It is the first time that Nakoli Grace School has had Grade 6 students. There are about 30 students in the class. When I started teaching this grade, I noticed Victor among the students. He was stubborn, rude and at times very naughty. He only came to school when he felt like it, sometimes only twice a week. He came to school without bathing and often complained of losing his exercise books, pens and pencils.

My interest is not just teaching, but the students. We have a devotion time every morning with a scripture verse for the week. I began to pray for this boy. I prayed that God would change him. I can testify that God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Victor has improved in behavior and performance. His end of term results were so high that he received an award as one of the top 5 students in Grade 6. His parents are also excited about the change they see in him. To God be the glory!


Alfred (name changed) is a child in Grade 4. He has been in the community for many years without attending school. It was not possible for his family to pay school fees. Alfred is much older than his peers in the classroom, but he doesn’t mind because he is hungry for an education. He is doing well in school. Chilufya (his teacher) is a witness to God’s grace in Alfred’s life and the lives of other students.


getting an educationPrayer and Praise Points

1) Strength and wisdom as our teachers demonstrate Jesus to the students and the community
2) Praise God for an opportunity to impact government teachers on practicals
3) Provision for the coming teacher registration costs