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Report Date: July 26, 2016

Report from BHW Zambia Partnership Facilitators Following Visit


Key person: Isaac Ng’ambi 

Unfortunately, due to a flight delay for a day on our way to Zambia, we only got to visit with Isaac for a couple hours on the only day we were in Kabwe. We have asked him to send us a breakdown of what missionaries receive financial support from Bright Hope World, with some information in regard to their mission field. 

Recent Events

Nakoli School 

The school is currently over enrolled with about 300 pupils, ideally the roll should only be 200. OM only manage the school which is owned by Grace Church Zambia. Grace Church decided that they needed to get government teachers into the school, including a new principal, but Isaac doesn’t think that was such a great idea.

good income generatorThere are still teachers there from the now accredited teachers training courses offered at OM Maplehurst College. 

Grace have been building an extra classroom but currently it is only half built. The new principal really wants to see the facility expand. Currently the school offers up to Grade 6 but they are hoping to expand to Grade 7 soon.

The house rental at Aroha Flats that Bright Hope World funded is still helping to fund the school. The flat has recently been upgraded with better kitchen facilities and tiles meaning the rental has been increased. 

Missionaries (ZAM13)

OM are running three discipleship programs per year including a second module called cross-cultural missions.

They have recently commissioned another 20 missionaries which makes the total missionaries trained at OM who are in the field at over 400. The recent missionaries have gone to:

- Jordan  (a former Muslim from Chipata who was evangelized by Lameck)
- Pakistan
- South Sudan
- Chad
- Namibia
- Lake Tanganyika (Zambia)
- Malawi

good income generatorZambian churches are still not supporting the missionaries which is an area of concern for Isaac and he doesn’t see how that will change in the future. They continue to brainstorm ideas as to how to support the missionaries through income generation. So far the best method seen is investing in rental properties which creates passive income. Three missionaries have been able to achieve this program. 

Income Generation 

Hanis has built a new block of flats, so far they have built 12 of 20 in the compound, as income generation for OM. The cost was around US$38,000 per unit on average (there are 2 bed and 3 bed units), and the rental is $380 to $540 per month, less some management and running expenses.