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Report Date: February 15, 2016

Nakoli Grace Community School January 2016 Newsletter


transforming livesTransforming Lives, Transforming Communities


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Community schools are small schools that educate children in one community. Nakoli Grace does more than educate. We provide a meal. Children go on field trips and into the community to serve. We teach the children about Jesus. The teachers demonstrate to the children that they have a future and a hope. The community schools are transforming the communities they serve.

learning hardNakoli Grace is staffed with Zambian believers, who God is using to train the next generation of leaders.

Nakoli Grace Community School is located in the Nakoli community of Kabwe, Zambia. We have 337 students starting at age 4 and continuing up to grade 6. 

Manna Project

Most of the students who attend Nakoli Grace eat one meal a day at home. Food and education are factors in the vulnerability of a child. Children, who are hungry, struggle in school. By feeding our students, we improve their chances of staying in school. US$1 provides lunch for one child for the entire month. US$100 feeds one class for a month and pays the teacher.

loving learning




The youngest class at Nakoli Grace is Pre-Reception. These students are 4 years old. They are learning shapes, colors, counting, letters, sounds and the names of everyday objects. They are also learning to color and use scissors. Teacher Edinah tells stories about Jesus. Everyday is a new learning experience for this class, including lessons on sharing, kindness, and following directions.

Personal Story

loves teachingMevis Mwabakunda 

Mevis knew God was calling her to teach. She started teaching Sunday school at Nakoli Grace Church. Teaching Sunday school, she realized many children were not attending school.

Mevis was one of the first teachers at Nakoli Grace. She began teaching in 2002. She has watched the school change and grow. She teaches 87 Grade One students. When asked how she teaches so many students, she says, “It is all about the children, I am just helping out.”


making a differencePrayer Requests

1) Pray for God to provide for our needs

2)  Pray for the teachers to have strength and wisdom as they daily demonstrate Jesus to our students

3) Pray God’s blessing on the school

transforming lives