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Report Date: July 19, 2023

Update from BHW DRC Partnership Facilitator

Key person:  Dibwe Mulopwa

Recent Events


expensive foodAccording to Mulopwa, the work with the orphans has been going well in the past six months. However, from August 2022 to April 2023 the price of a 25 kg bag of maize flour went through the roof. In August 2022 it was US$15/bag and by April 2023 it had risen to US$50. Fortunately, it has dropped back to US$25/bag now. The price rise of maize flour influences all food products, it is the indicator commodity. Most families require at least two bags that size for a month of meals. 

Dibwe says, “What was a great help to us is that I bought a stock of maize before this situation came upon us. I am sure God put this idea in my heart.” 

Each day they continue to gather more than 50 children who would not eat if they did not feed them. They come to the church building and have a meal, play for a while and are taught something from the Bible. These children's lives have changed significantly and now they do so much better at school than before they joined the programme. 


grateful for foodPersonal Stories

One girl orphan who has been in the programme for several years has now finished secondary school. Maureen has got married, has found work and has become a source of blessing to her sisters and brothers. She is caring for them and has even given some funds to help the programme. They are very excited about this as she has become the first model of what they hope will be many more. 


Partnership's Influence within the Community

People appreciate the orphan work they are doing. Several local politicians and even some State politicians have noticed what they are doing and have donated school materials. Some people from the community and some Christians from different churches have given clothes, exercise books, soap and some food products. All this is wonderful and a gift from God. 


gratefulIdeas for the Future

They still want to develop an orphanage as there are so many vulnerable children living on the streets. This isn’t something we would be involved in, but we do recognize the desperate need of the children. 


Current Issues and Challenges

The Ukraine/Russia war has severely affected the price of goods as they receive a lot of raw material from there. This has brought suffering and hunger, there are many more people in poverty than before.  

Petrol, food products, utilities and everything has become very expensive in Africa and in DR Congo. Everything must be imported by road into this part of the DR Congo. 


Prayer and Praise Points

need strength1) Pray for the ministry of Miséricorde. It is hard work to do this every day and volunteers do get tired. They are hoping to increase their team.  

2) Pray that many more of the children will do well at school and be able to succeed like Maureen. 

3) That more people, especially more local churches, will become involved in the programme as donors. 

4) This part of DR Congo is relatively peaceful in regard to rebel activity. Pray that this might continue. 



These guys do a great job of caring for the children with meals, emotional support and spiritual input. It is not easy to get reports, but they are very busy doing kingdom work. 

I intend to visit this partnership in 2024 and are making plans for that. It is not an easy place to get to and to move around in, but the plans are coming together. I would normally want to wait until after a visit to recommend a budget change. However, the situation there is quite difficult, and I will recommend to the BHW Executive that we increase the amount we send here.