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Report Date: February 15, 2022

Update from BHW DRC Partnership Facilitator

Because of COVID and the impossibility of travel from New Zealand, this report is based on recent communication with Dibwe and Astrid Mulopwe, the leaders of this ministry. 

Recent Events

making a differenceThe last report was in September 2020 and at that time COVID was just a minor issue in the Likasi area. Also, at the time the number of children they were assisting had risen from the original 50 to 120.  


To best help the children they have grouped them into three groups based on their location. A team is in charge of each group. 

They have sent some children to hospital and clinics when they have been unwell. This is not just COVID related but for all types of reasons. 

changing livseFew of the children are able to go to school because of the lack of resources. Some have been assisted with scholarships, uniforms, clothes, and exercise books and materials.

Every day the children are fed. Dibwe explains, "after eating we pray together with the children, we give them a short message of the gospel and ask them to receive Christ as their Savour, Lord and Father. Some have received him in their life and come freely to the Sunday school. This gives us great joy."

When this partnership began, there was one widow in particular who had 7 small children. She was assisted to have chickens but that failed and then to have a small business at the market. However, she seems unable to manage money and she and her children have now been incorporated into the main programme. The family is doing OK and Astrid keeps an eye on them to ensure they are. She remains a special focus despite the disappointments.  


grateful for foodDR Congo has been affected by COVID-19 and there have been many cases in Likasi. However, the children and the Mulpwe family have been protected by the hand of the Lord. One orphan died of another illness and they paid for his burial. 

From time to time there have been government restrictions on gatherings. When that happens, they take the food to the places where the children stay. This has had some benefits as they have been able to meet some of the people in those places and assess the situations the children are living in. This places a larger burden on the volunteers as it takes a lot more time. 


Personal Stories

changing livesRachel's father and mother died in the same year. At that time, she was in the final class of secondary school. Her grandmother was unable the pay the state fees to allow her to finish secondary school and then to enter university. She is a very excellent student.  

Dibwe and Astrid took her in and paid the fees for the state exam and also her university study fees. Now she has graduated, has found a job and supports her young brother and sisters. She is an example of their dream for all the children they are serving. 


Ideas for the Future

making a differenceThey would love to be able to help more children, however, have limited the number to 120 as that is as far as their resources are able to stretch. Apart from the funds from BHW, they get some small, irregular support from a couple of local churches, a few friends and well-wishers, and from their own resources. 

The team realises that the current structure of this partnership is dependent on external funding, and they are thinking through how to establish an enterprise to generate funds locally and to help the children become self-sustaining.   

They would love to send all the orphans to school. Astrid says, "What will they do when they grow without education? This is our concern. What can we do? Farms? Businesses?"

gratefulDibwe continues, "We want to see the orphans living as all children should, safe, educated and healthy. How can we raise them so their rights are met and they can have dignity. It's not their fault they are orphans."


Current Issues and Challenges 

COVID is still impacting the operation of their programme.

There are still many orphans in the community and people are dying every day from illness and rebel activity. The number of orphans living on the streets or in danger increases every month.


Prayer and Praise Points 

having fun1) That they would have more funds to be able to send the children to school
2) That all the children would become followers of Christ
3) For divine protection for the children as COVID continues and they are not vaccinated 



I love this partnership, good people helping the poor. There is the possibility of expansion, but it needs a visit first.