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Report Date: November 29, 2022

Report from Edwin Chama Following Training at Ukusenaminwa Child Foundation (ZAM30) 29th October

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starting the processThis report highlights the activities which took place during our farm visit in Kabwe district at Mr and Mrs Mwansa’s orphanage who are the guardians of deaf young people.  


The purpose for this visit was to encourage Roy, Sarah and the young people they live with in Foundations for Farming and give specific teaching on how to build a compost pile. 


The first activity was to collect more materials for compost making as seen in the pictures. After material collection, I taught them how to measure the smallest compost size which has the specifications of 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m.

The next step was to teach the participants how to practically start making compost; what materials to begin with underneath, what should follow next, and at what stage manure can be added in the compost building process. 

starting the process









good job



My recommendation is that this couple is doing an extraordinary work in the community and need support technically and prayers especially in Foundations for Farming. During compost making and afterwards, I encouraged Mr Mwansa to look after the compost pile which was built well by turning it. I also shared the importance of involving the youth in agriculture in general.




Generally, the trip was successful. I had a good time motivating and encouraging the team to continue with the same spirit of wanting to learn more and improve their farming.