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Report Date: June 22, 2018

Update from John Vlaming Following Visit to Uganda


The last few days in Uganda were amongst the most encouraging I have experienced doing this work. Most of the people we trained here in Rukungiri in 2016 are having great results and a number of them have started training people around them.

life changing resultsA particularly encouraging story is that of Elias. He only has a very small section of land but has been faithfully applying the Foundations for Farming methods. He earned enough from that to build an underground water tank, which is supplied from his roof. He made up some guttering from material he could find to catch the rain water. They used to walk a long distance to carry water but now have an ample supply. The day before I was there he had supplied water for a whole funeral nearby and was rather proud of that. During the drought last year he was the only one in that whole district that had anything to harvest. Even the district chief had come to have a look and ask what he was doing different from everybody else. His wife told me in broken English “hunger no more”. 

Ten of the trainees in Rukungiri started a micro-loan programme from their own savings some time after the training, totally on their own initiative. This group has now grown to 27 farmers. All this proves that with a little training and faithfulness, communities can be transformed.

We heard story after story of people no longer experiencing hunger and starting to think about the future. A man aptly called Everest (he is indeed very tall) has a vision to use FfF to reach his neighbours for Christ. I must confess that once in my room (and no longer needing to keep up a manly appearance!) I shed a few joyful tears.