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INT06 - Foundations for Farming

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Funding Status:

Partially Funded

Partnership Type:

Community / Agriculture Development, Training / Education

Funding Size:

$3,000 - $7,999

Annual Budget:

US$ 0

Potential Budget:

US$ 25,000

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No video available yet

Funding Contact:

Contact us about funding

Current Partnership Impact

150 families are being assisted

210 people are in vocational or agricultural training

Very hard to quantify exact numbers impacted by this training

Foundations for Farming is a programme used by Bright Hope World partners that challenges mindsets and traditions related to using land and growing crops.

Foundations for Farming is based on four key principles:

- On Time - Effective farming requires tasks (such as planting and weeding) to be done promptly at the right time

- At Standard - Effective farming requires tasks to be done to a standard of excellence with exact measurements

- No Waste - Effective farming requires avoiding wasting resources, energy and oportunities

- With Joy - Effective farming requires a good attitude and a joyful heart


For full details, see our Foundations for Farming page