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Report Date: February 16, 2022

Update from Harvest Partnership January 2022

Recent Events

Bujumbura, Burundi

Pastor Leonard has a church called Nazareth Falls in Kinama, a suburb of Bujumbura, Burundi. Abel, the Harvest Partnership Coordinator and missionary befriended him. During a visit two years ago, we gathered with the Nazareth leaders and church people. We talked about becoming disciples who read the Bible daily and learn to live the ways of God – as well as praying for friends and neighbours. We said they should meet in homes with some friends once a week for all to fellowship, share and talk together about their discoveries and life changes. And their shine opportunities.

The leaders and the people were encouraged so that they started nine house meetings called Bible Reading Fellowships to do everything they had learned. Pastor Leonard was so encouraged that after the day of teaching he invited leaders from nine other local churches to come for two days to learn all about it. They were also enthusiastic. We got into our hearts an excitement that the whole of Kinama could be reached if these churches became alive with their people becoming disciples and saturating the suburb with hundreds of loving house churches.

Today the Nazareth church has 35 house churches and the other churches have started. Pastor Leonard is calling these nine churches together to make “Kinama for Christ” a reality. Not through crusades but through Christians shining and being intentional for Jesus Christ.  

There were some good churches in Bujumbura who liked what we were doing, but they were busy building bigger buildings rather than building disciples who lived out Christ. Many of their well educated youth wanted to be really active for God so Abel and others began a Sunday afternoon discipleship service and already have more than 50 outreaching Bible Reading Fellowships.  


Activating Kenya Churches - Bob Abdalla

Greetings to you in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Looking back I have seen the most amazing. I have seen God come and touch hundreds of people in our villages despite the epidemic disease. He has released many families from Islamic prison. But yet the Scripture says we have not seen, heard or imagined all the wonderful things God has kept ready for us, I believe I am only at the beginning of what God has called us to do! This year we are going to bring more and more to God's Kingdom through the DBR groups across East Africa, but this is only possible because of the generous partnership. Thank you so much for prayers, And those who give anonymously-- thank you! Your support is a wonderful answer to prayer. 

During this month I was able to visit and encourage churches and their leaders in the following places: 


I encouraged the nine leaders of Pastor Zebedayo's church. They had established eight DBR fellowships at my last visit last year. They have increased to 28 DBR fellowships which are active making progress. I trained them in Step 1 and 2, encouraging them to hunger for God's word more and more. I helped them plant a new DBR fellowship in the next village. They were all excited as 15 people received Christ during my sharing of the Gospel. 

Pamela is one of the women who accepted the Lord in her heart and began a DBR group in her home and this is her story: 

My name is Pamela. I love the Lord. After I received Christ in my heart I went and began a DBR in my house.  My husband, who was a Muslim, joined together with my four children, and two family neighbours also came and accepted Christ. My husband's life didn't seem to change much since he was also addicted to changaa drinking (illicit brew). We kept on daily Bible readings and praying as well. Amazingly he got touched by God's word and gave his heart to the Lord. He gave up his religion and he is a Christ follower as he understands that the only unending, unfailing source of satisfaction is in Jesus. The word of God changed his entire life. We are now serving the Lord together in our house church. 

Nandi Hill 

At my visit I trained and encouraged seven leaders in Step 1 and 2. They had began seven DBR groups. I trained them in using Bible story telling to win souls and make disciples for the Lord. I shared the Gospel and 23 people received the Lord in their hearts. Many lives have been transformed through the DBR groups. We praise the Lord for the families who have given their lives to God. Many leaders were excited after seeing the tremendous move of God changing lives. They were restored to faith, being committed to being disciples and making disciples for Christ. I trained the new leaders and set them forth to go and began new home fellowships.

Kisumu City 

I followed up the leaders we had trained and they are making good progress. In Calvary church where Pastor Okech began by planting eight DBR fellowships, they have increased to 30. They are involved in Bible story telling with their neighbours and friends. The DBR cards are of great help to them. Many testify on how they have encountered the Lord through the reading, listening and praying of His Word.

I shared the Gospel and 25 people were converted to Christianity. About 14 of them were from a Muslim background and they were excited that they have found peace with Christ in their hearts.

I also got good moments with our OCC church leaders and encouraged them in Step 1 and 2. Though many have lost their jobs they went to their rural homes and expanded the work, planting many DBR groups in their areas. I give God all the glory for the new c@hs established. Our Christmas celebration was good, I ministered and they were excited.  Six families who attended our meetings became believers and were added to the church.


They have made good progress. They had began with seven DBR groups and everyone being involved making disciples for the Lord. Their meeting place in the shop became too small so they found a new place which could fit the Sunday service. I trained and encouraged them in Step 2 and 3. They were excited for the Lord's doing. They have established more than 38 Bible fellowships in this town. I helped them understand prayer walking to begin in the new areas they have identified to be evangelized. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Pray for the continual growth and effectiveness of house churches
2) Pray for the new believers from Muslim backgrounds to be strong with complete victory over their past.
3) Pray for the churches and people just visited.
4) Pray for our protection during this year's general election that there will be no tribal violence again but peace for all.
5) Pray that we have money to print more Bible cards urgently needed in many places.
6) Pray for the right time to visit the Kensha Youth outreach and coastal churches.
7) Pray for each place I am helping these days.
8) Pray for our family, as the children grow.  Especially their education needs.

Thank you very much,

God bless,
Pastor Bob, Lillian and family