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Report Date: November 11, 2020

Update from Kensha Youth Football Outreach and Farm

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks be to the Lord that we are doing well down here. 

Recent Events

Senior Team

The team is doing better and performing well. The big challenge was the lock down but now we thank the Lord things have started to run back to normal and daily training is exercised. Some players have got challenges with training gear but we keep moving forward and training hard. Daily sharing and bible reading keeps the guys strong in their faith and trusting in the Lord in everything. Due to all the challenges we happen to play several friendly matches and the team is performing good. 

Junior Team

The junior team is going on well and keeps training well. They have been selected to play in the Junior league and we expect better results. Daily bible reading keeps on guiding them.  

School Boys

They are grateful and keep on growing strong in God's word. They (Hamisi, Daniel and William) are happy to be in school and they keep on working very well. They give thanks that they are now back to school.  We pray for the other two not sponsored yet and needing to start together (Ibrahim and Rama).

Bible story telling/Readings/Growth

Brother Jakob, Pastor Gift and I always lead the rest in Bible readings, prayer and words of encouragement. Everyone is growing strong in God's word and they have become a good example to other youth in society. We need more Bibles in Swahili as many people don't understand English.


We appreciate the Lord for his protection towards us and everyone is doing well. The farm is doing great and we planted vegetables once more after the harvest. The peas, watermelon, kale, cassava and bananas are all growing well. The flowers makes the plot beautiful and the daily activities make everyone as busy as a bee. The word of encouragement and sharing is exercised everyday and we have all grown in faith.


Personal Stories

What I have been doing:
1) I always play a leading role in seeing the general success and well being of the Kensha outreach foundation as a whole.
2) I have been reaching out to several streets in Mariakani and villages in and out of Mariakani hand in hand with Pastor Gift, and sometimes with some older members of Kensha. 

Family News: Thanks be to the Almighty God we are all okay. Alfan keeps on improving in his chef studies, Eddy also is doing well in his training. Uncle is doing fine and keeps growing old and strong in faith.


Plans for the Future

1) I am planning to organize with the boys so that we can go and visit other teams in Mombasa.

2) I am also planning to visit families that were greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in terms of funds to encourage them. 


Current Issues and Challenges

It has not been easy to reach out to people in the streets due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has not been easy to play more matches due to the Covid-19 pandemic and more players have no training gear as the number keeps on increasing. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) We pray for the establishing of a feeding program as we have seen more youth have got no food to eat at their homes. We discovered this after our visits to their houses.
2) Pray for our country Kenya and all disabled families in the streets.
3) Pray for Alfan's school field trip and that he will learn well. Praise God for the finances for this.
4) More prayers for all the Kensha family and other Harvest Partnership missionaries and leaders.
5) For sponsors for the last two orphans to get to High School:  Ibrahim & Rama
6) We also pray for more vegetable and flowers seeds.


Love and blessings