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Report Date: July 7, 2020

July 2020 Newsletter

Recent Events


Pastor Bob has just visited Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria, Kenya. When he first went there even the Christians were into paganism. There were only nine Bibles on the island. After 5 years of visiting, the transformed lives of the Christians has drawn many to Christ week by week. Praise Him. Pray for this island’s redemption.

We also rejoice that baby Mercy in Mombasa has touched the hearts of a NZ family and they have helped with her food, clothing and hospital bills for the next 6 months. This Moslem family of our late Mohdy 2 have found the goodness and salvation of God through Jesus.  Pray for their growth in Christ, and Alfan as he visits.

The Captain of our football team, Elisha 24, lost his parents in a fire more than 10 years ago and has become the carer of his three siblings. In the rains that have hit East Africa their simple post and mud home was destroyed. Praise the Lord that we have the first $1,000 of the $2,500 needed for them to rebuild. Please pray in the rest.

The same rains have been heavy in Burundi and the Congo as well. Our missionary Pascal works and lives in the Fizi region. The main road from Uvira to there along the shores of Lake Tanganyika has been ruined by the floods and is impassable in many places. Alimasi, our man in Uvira, reports that in the region the Congo Army has been fighting a group of armed rebels. Alimasi thought he had lost Pascal and family – but we have found that it was phone problems and they are safe. Prayers are appreciated as they continue the work amongst rain and rebels. They are sad that one of their best pastors has died. We rejoice that none of our friends have the C19.

Abel, our Africa Great Lakes Coordinator, is happy that we have been given funds for them to begin their family micro business which Anita will develop to help with the children’s schooling, medical needs etc. These are difficult days in Burundi. A new President has been elected (a former army man) with the former president planning to be the power behind the throne. Two weeks ago he died – so people are afraid that the new President will lean on his army friends to run the country.  They ask us to pray that the Lord will over-rule, and the man will prove to be a good governor of the people and not continue the oppressive rule of the past years. 

Abel praises the Lord for the 70 Bibles he has just been able to buy and distribute. Now is the time to print the annual Bibles Reading cards. We rejoice that the churches we help have become readers and sharers of His word which transforms them. They become effective disciples.


Update from Bob Abdalla, Kenya Coordinator

Greetings in that matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We are still feeling the effects of the floods and the epidemic disease of Covid-19. Most people suffered physically, emotionally and economically. However God is at work! Our house churches have doubled in size in the past months. In the wake of the tragedies hundreds have turned to the ultimate healer, Jesus Christ. 

Nyakwere, Lake Victoria, Kenya

At my visit I found that the epidemic and floods threaten the lives of people. Many have moved to higher ground for safety where they have put small tents. Praise God, the churches are increasing. 

I trained Pastor Ogutu and his 7 leaders in Step 1 & 2. They have made good progress. They had established 11 house churches when I last visited and now have increased to 25.

One of the leaders was excited about people’s hunger for God's word and that the neighbourhood opened their hearts for them. He said; “The power of sharing God's word and the moral influence of our church members were so great that the chief constable of the neighbourhood publicly expressed his gratitude for the way in which the whole village and area had been cleaned up by the influence of men and women who had been set on fire with the love of God. 50 people have received the Lord in their hearts and 10 new house churches are established.” 


During my visit I trained and encouraged 7 new leaders in the next village, I trained them in Step 1 & 2. They were excited, they went and began the Daily Bible Reading (DBR) fellowships, invited their neighbours and the next day 6 families gave their hearts to Christ. And in the next home 5 families received the Lord. Many people are turning to God. Praise the Lord Nina shared her testimony of how the Lord has blessed them:

“I have been in our DBR fellowship where I lived for the past years. I have been so blessed and my family too. How often we have been encouraged to keep on our DBR fellowship even when life circumstances can be so hard. Many came to us for prayers and I led 13 people to the Lord. They went and brought others and we went and helped them establish a new DBR fellowship.”


At my visit I followed up the leaders I had trained. They went and began 6 DBR groups which are active. This village is one of the affected areas with the floods. Most of our house churches were stopped by the floods as the families moved to stay in camps. I shared the word and 25 people gave their hearts to the Lord. I divided them in their families and we established 5 DBR fellowships. I trained the 7 leaders in Step 1 & 2 . We thank God for the openness of souls who are receiving Christ.


During my visit I found that the house churches are active. Pastor William and his leaders began 7 house churches last year and they have now increased to 32! I trained them in Step 2 & 3. They got excited. The Lord is using them to turn their village upside down for Christ by being saved by God's grace. David, one of the young men who brought his family to the Lord, gave his testimony of how the Bible reading guide helped them understand God's word;

“I am 21 years old and the first born of a family of eight. I got attracted by the sweet music and the sharing of God's word at a church in the home of a friend who invited me. And I gave my life to the Lord. My situation was worse as my parents were drunkards and we were neglected. My 5 brothers and 2 sisters all lacked food so I used to draw water for those who were making changaa "illicit brew" to feed them for they were lonely, sickly and hungry.

After I received Christ I went and found my parents, brought them home and we were prayed for. They accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour of their lives. In our daily lives we are reading God's word and praying together. The regular visit of Christians brings help to us. We are standing for the Lord. Praise God our family is well serving the Lord. I also got a job and am able to help my parents. We began a Bible Reading fellowship at home.”


During my visit I trained 5 leaders in Step 1 & 2. They had began 5 DBR groups during my last visit and they have planted 15 more to date. I trained them on how to use the Bible story telling for winning souls. I shared the Gospel and 6 families got saved and joined the house church.  I also helped them to establish 2 new DBR home fellowships.

Thank God for Odiyo, one of the leaders who was deep in brewing illicit liquor commonly known as "Keroro". He used to drink and brew. He was involved in criminal activities. Today he is a follower of Christ. He gave his life to the Lord, was discipled and baptized in water.  After some time the Lord led him to start a DBR group in the market place. Many of his friends attended and got saved.  He has become an influence in the village and established 2 DBR groups. We thank God for transforming the life of Odiyo. He is married and living happily with his wife Liz. He has a passion to serve the Lord and is determined to the uttermost in making disciples for the Lord.


CPM is Church Planting Movements where the Sunday congregation begins seeking God through personal or group daily Bible reading and praying for those who don’t know the Lord. They come together in many house fellowships to enjoy each others growth in Christ as they share what God has revealed to them and answered their prayers. They intercede for the lost by name. Their joyful times together attracts friends and neighbours to join them – and many come to Christ as members have learned to be disciples, and to love one another.

The CPM mobilizing steps:
• Step 1 – DISCIPLES: Mentoring & Turning believers into disciples as Jesus did in the Gospels.
• Step 2: WITNESS RESPONSIBILITY:  Where the disciples [ie the church] waited, prayed and together took responsibility to be His witnesses in the world.  [Applying Acts 1]
• Step 3: VISON SEMINAR:  the church reaching out and exploding through CPM house churches multiplying locally and beyond! (As in Acts 2 & thereafter). 

Prayer Requests

1) Pray that our yearly DBR cards can be printed for we come to the year end of the previous cards.
2) Pray for our displaced believers. Their houses were destroyed by the floods leaving them in cold camps.
3) Pray for the new believers to be strong in the Lord and that more DBR groups will be planted.
4) Ask God to give our CPM leaders wisdom and discernment during this hard time of epidemic disease.
5) Pray that the Lord of Harvest will help us understand what He is doing in the world today. 


Current Issues and Challenges

Some of our Great Lakes missionary team have rent to pay – usually 6 to 10 months in advance so we are praying for God’s supply. Also school fees – and the turmoil of some schools being open / some shut because of the virus – but all want their fees. Then we have the five Sudanese students we care for in Nairobi. We have money for their rent and food etc. but their Uni fees have jumped up beyond our ability.  Do pray.  Like many missions and charities our funds have gone down in the aftermath of Covid-19. 


Prayer and Praise Points

1) Covid-19 & Finances:  Many missions and charities are suffering because of lack of finances. We are the same – please pray especially for the support of our African missionaries. There is no end in view for the virus in Africa – and prices have risen.  Pray for the Lord’s supply. He doesn’t fail. 

2) Rent: For some rent is paid 6, 10 or 12 months ahead – 3 of our missionary families need urgent help.

3) Micro-loans: We have been able to send launching loan money for Abel and Anita’s business so July will be the time where they gather things together to start their mini-shop which Anita will care for. It will be a gradual building in difficult times. 

4) The Burundian Ex-President planned to be the power behind the throne but died 2 weeks ago.  An ex-military man has been inducted – the people are hoping that he doesn’t use his military friends to rule the country.  Abel & Anita , Alex & Anne are Congolese “visitors”. Pray for peace.

5) Covid & Health: Praise God none of our missionary families in Kenya and the Africa Great Lakes are touched. Keep covering them in prayer. The few medical resources in Africa will lengthen its impact.

6) Destructive Floods: All over East Africa there have been rains and floods. Roads and bridges have been destroyed which is making it difficult for food and products to get through. There have been deaths and houses swept away. Remember Daniel & Jolie (Bukavu) / Jean-Pierre & Jeanette (Goma) working thru floods and the virus.

7) Kenya Kensha Outreach: Football is still being played but schools are closed. Pray for Elisha, the captain, whose house has been destroyed and for the funds needed to rebuild it. 

8) Congo / Burundi: Floods near the rivers and Lake Tanganyika has seen destruction and deaths.  Pray for Alimasi and Pascal.

9) Kenya – Pastor Bob: Pastor Bob continues his visits – a different town, village or island every week. Pray for his safekeeping. The virus is taking longer to reach distant places and will impact long into 2021. Pray the Lord will give him wisdom where to visit – and keep his family safe in Kisumu, Western Kenya. 

10) Kenya Youth: The latest news from Africa is that 22 million have lost their jobs! Harry, Eric and Mohdy 1 are men we have helped through school and university. They were looking for employment when the virus and lock down came. Pray for the Lord to encourage and supply for them and that their faith will be strengthened through this. Pray also for university fees for the 5 South Sudanese we help (Daniel, Daniel, John, Peter and James).